UPDATE #2 11/14:   Survivor Supply System   The mission reset time will be adjusted at a later time. For the time being, the reset time will remain the same. Daily reset: 00:00 UTC Weekly reset: Thursday 00:00 UTC   UPDATE #1 11/14:   Hey everyone,   We announced today in our hotfix patch notes that we would be closing the NA FPP Duo, EU FPP Solo, and OC TPP Duo queues. This decision was made due to the high matchmaking times that we've seen in our data.   We have decided to revert this decision and will not be closing any of the modes today, due to community feedback. We do not make these decisions lightly and our last decision was originally made to provide a better experience in terms of quicker matchmaking. We understand that the interest in playing these modes are still there, and we will continue to look into other ways for healthy matchmaking times.   Thank you for your understanding.   ------   Hey everyone,   On November 15, we will be deploying a hotfix that should reduce instances of desync, as well as an option to enable a forward movement deadzone. Be sure to log in after the maintenance is over to collect your 20,000 BP and Punk Jacket for the login event!    View the full patch notes below.   Maintenance Schedule
PST: November 15 12:00AM-2:00AM
CET: November 15 9:00AM-11:00AM   Login Event As a token of our appreciation for our players, 20,000 BP and the Punk Jacket (Black) will be received upon logging into the game after the hotfix maintenance has been completed. Once again, we thank our players for all the support while we worked to resolve long standing issues like Lost Connection to Host. Event Start time: After Maintenance Event End time: November 22 2:00AM PST / November 22 11:00AM CET   Punk Jacket (Black) Skin Road Warrior Helmet is now available for purchase in the in-game Store for 20,000 BP   Road Warrior Helmet   Gameplay Added Forward Sensitivity option in controller settings Players who had difficulty moving in a straight line will be able to adjust this value Note: Higher deadzone value equates to less sensitive movement of the left stick when moving forward     Server With the support and requests from our LATAM community, we have decided to open the South America server - TPP Squad. If the server can sustain a suitable population, other modes will be available to play in the order below: TPP [Squad → Solo → Duo] → FPP [Squad → Solo → Duo]   Custom Match We have reduced the time for automatically closing custom match lobbies from 2 hours after creating the lobby to 40 minutes after creating the lobby The host will be given a warning 30 minutes after creating the lobby   Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with movement interpolation which could cause other players' movement to be visibly delayed This should reduce instances of desync Fixed an issue where the PUBG Limited Edition Controller DLC item (Male Jacket) would display in an incorrect color   Thanks,
PUBG Xbox Team