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Community Weekly Post - November Week 1

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Hey everyone,


Welcome back to the community weekly post! We’re kicking off the first week of November, and we have a few things that we want to go over today. 


South America Server


We are excited to announce that the South America Server will be returning on Xbox from November 8-11 (November 9-12 BRST)! During this time, the SA server will be available to select and play on. Our goal is similar to the last time that the server was temporarily opened, and we’d like to see if we can maintain a healthy CCU and matchmaking times.

South America Server Open Dates:
Starts: November 8 11:59pm PDT / November 9 5:59am BRST
Ends: November 11 11:59pm PDT / November 12 5:59am BRST
Available Modes: 

  • TPP
    • Solo
    • Squad 
  • Event Mode not available
  • Duo not available
  • FPP not available



  • All maps available



After Update #2, many of our players have voiced concerns over how movement now feels quite different and has a “sliding” effect. This is due to a change in the deadzone shape of both left and right sticks that we implemented. This change was missed on the initial patch notes for Update #2. The new deadzone shape is why players are finding it difficult to move in a straight line. We are currently testing out possible fixes internally, an additional information on an upcoming fix will be announced soon.


Graphical Settings


We understand that many of our players are curious about the different options for graphical settings that we mentioned in last week’s post. We will be sharing further details on this at a later time closer to the release of the late November update. 




We’ve heard that loading and rendering times have increased for some players, with many buildings having a “play-doh” effect upon landing. In a previous patch, we reduced the memory required for level streaming to reduce crashing instances. It seems that we may have overshot it, so we will be adjusting this as well as apply further level streaming optimization in a future update after we have tested them internally. 


Event Mode: Overpower


This weekend’s event is called Overpower. This event mode is set on Erangel with three 8-man squads. Everyone spawns with level three gear and a care package weapon. 


As a twist, it only takes three seconds to revive teammates, but when knocked, you’ll also bleed-out much faster than normal. 


Full event details can be found here


Last Call 


Be sure to log in before Nov 6 4pm PDT / Nov 7 1am CEST to collect your maintenance compensation rewards as well as the free Haunted Pumpkin Mask!  


Lastly, the Glory weapon skins will no longer be available to purchase from the store starting November 4, 2018 10:59pm PST / November 5, 2018 06:59am UTC / 7:59am CET.


Thanks for reading this week’s post. We hope everyone will jump into the event mode and have a great weekend!

PUBG Xbox Team

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