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Detailed Review of Training Mode Map and Improvement Suggestions.

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For my suggestions on how to fix the trolling problems, check out my previous post "5 Realistic Ideas for QoL Improvements and Dealing with Trolls"


In this post I will be going over each area in the Training Mode map and giving my praise as well as input for improvement. The order may be random because i'm addressing each topic as I see it. 


Throughout this post I will be mentioning "AI Targets". This is a feature I thought of that I would really like to see in this training mode. Im talking about removing all of the current targets and replacing them with actual player models that move back and forth, crouch,lay down,and stand up, peek left and right, wear random sets of armor, bleed when they are shot to indicate a hit, can take damage, and will rag doll on death and respawn ~5sec later with another random set of armor. Upon death, they would add to your kill count as if in-game.


1. Melee Range

        While I do think that it is good to have an area to test melee, I find this spot to be one of the less useful areas of the map. At roughly 100mx30m, the area is much larger than it needs to be. Currently it features seven large kiosks full of the melee weapons which feels like six too many. Also while the mannequins are there for targets, they dont really make good targets. They dont react to being hit so players dont really learn or gain anything from practicing on them. This is a good spot for stationary AI Targets.

        Cut in half (or less), the extra area of the melee range could be used for other areas like recoil and rapid fire testing for up to 50m (I'll go more into that later). 




 2.Item Spawn Buildings

        Not a whole lot to say concerning these areas. I do really like that there are two of each attachment on the tables so that you can,for example, quickly grab two vertical grips for both of your weapons. The organization is good, but there are a couple of quick things that could be fixed like:

            -Extending the AR table to fit the Beryl and Mutant

            -Extending the table with the grips and mags to fit the laser sight

            -Rearranging the mags to be more consistent in order (AR quick, AR extended, AR ex. quick, etc)

            -Putting the SR Suppressors to the other suppressors 

            -Putting the crossbow quiver with the other stock attachments

        One major addition to these areas would be a medical table. I am aware that there is a Medical Station in the middle of the map, but having that one location is simply not enough. There should be meds alongside the guns too. I'll add more to this in #6. Also, I liked the idea of having the guns on racks instead of tables so you can more easily see which is which, but thats not super important.


3. Grenade Pit

        No gripes here. I actually liked using this range. I felt that my throws were getting better just after a few minutes here. I know there are lots of things that people would change about it due to trolls. I think that if the ideas I gave in my "5 Realistic Ideas for QoL Improvements and Dealing with Trolls" post were implemented, there would be zero change necessary here. If not, then the best anti-troll tactic here would maybe be drop the grenades and keep only apples (or maybe add a potato...).

        If this are were to be expanded upon, i would say add stationary AI Targets so you can tell when you are getting kills. Maybe have rooms behind some of those window target for the targets.



4. Peeking Range

        This area I feel did not quite meet player expectations. The peeking targets move much slower than a player actually would, and the range only goes back maybe 25m, which isnt useful for those who want to practice with ARs/DMRs/SRs. Even SMGs feel underutilized at this range.  It would be much more useful to stretch this to include targets up to 100m here. Also, this is where the AI Targets could really shine by peaking in and out of cover just like an actual player and maybe at random intervals to keep the player on their toes. A higher accessibility to weapons wouldnt hurt either. I noticed that there are two Item Spawn Buildings next to each other in the SW corner of the compound. Maybe the one to the south can switch spots with the Grenade Pit to keep it easier for those who want to use more weapons at this are. (or remove the second Grenade Pit entirely since there are two of them...)




5. Movement Area

        Nothings really wrong here. may suffer from being a little boring but hard to make that kind of area exciting. It is good for what it is though and I'm glad its there. I particularly like what I am referring to as the Concrete Trees. They make for good combat practice using the trees as cover.




6. Medical Station

        Im not sure about the practicality of this area. Dont get me wrong i would be upset to not have it. Its one of my most used locations on the map. When training with my friends (yes, you can get into the same server with your buddies if you all enter the que at the exact same time), we often take turns having one of us be a runner and the other a shooter trying to bring them to zero HP. When we do this, we obviously spend a lot of time healing, so we make frequent trips to the Medical Station and it gets time consuming. Long story short, I wish there were more, smaller versions of these spread out throughout the map instead of just one large one in the center.




7. CQC Range

        This area suffers in the same way that the Peeking Range does. Yes, its meant for close quarters, but I think it could most definitely get pushed to 50m for the sake of practicing close range with SMGs and ARs. This is another good location for stationary and moving AI Targets. The single shot targets currently here dont well represent ones combat ability at close range because the target flips after one shot. Unless its a shotgun, and even often with a shotgun, your target does not go down in one hit, so health-based targets would be really useful here.




8. 800m/400m Ranges

        These locations are where the AI Targets would be best utilized. Often in-game, we find ourselves shooting at a target that is far away running across a field. Having an AI Target that will run from one side of the range to the other at various distances would help players substantially with learning to use scopes and other sights on moving targets. My squad mates and I will do all of the testing on that we want on a wall, but then when it comes down to having an actual moving player out there a lot changes (the golf course effect, as i call it). Our shooting only truly improves when we are taking turns shooting at each other, and I think that it would be better to just already have AI Targets running around for you. Also, the flipping targets dont feel very useful because of their rectangular shape and the fact that they are far larger than a character model.

        One weird thing that I did notice about these two ranges were that the weapons and ammo were a little inconsistent on the benches. as seen in the picture below, the Win94 is featured at the ranges yet there are no .45 ACP rounds in either location. One has to run back to an ammo bench to get some. The same with the VSS. At the same time, there is an extra stack of .300Mag next to the M249, which also doesnt make sense.






9. Urban Combat Areas

        Dont change these. These are great just the way they are. Well....except for this little detail...


        In the south-most building (not the pyramid), you can walk through the upstairs wall. Other than that, I love this area.




10. Jump School

        This is one of the parts that turned out better than I was expecting. When I first saw the announcement for it I was unsure about how it would work and its practicality, but it is actually really great. Small "Jump School" huts located all around the map allow players to spawn themselves high up in the sky and practice diving and parachuting onto large targets. Very well executed. On a similar topic, I like that crate drops have been implemented as well. The frequency of drops is common but not overbearing.




11. Parking Lot and Vehicles

        Im not sure if this is just how its going to for the Test Server and will be added later, but the vehicles dont make sense to me in training mode. There are eleven land vehicles in PUBG as of right now, but only seven of them are featured in Training Mode overall, and the Parking Garage only has Vans and UAZs. The Dacia, Pickup, Rony, and the new Tukshai are nowhere to be found. It is just really confusing to me and I'm hoping that they just weren't added for the test server and will be there when it hits live servers. We will see I suppose. Also I think that some of the jump ramps need to be elongated some more. The full-sized vehicles can't jump off of them and instead just slam into it like a wall because its too steep. Kind of a bummer when you first discover it.


12 Race Tracks and Roads

        I think the two racing tracks are great. The curves on the paved one I think are a little exaggerated, but thats just me. Also, while i did like the small dirt track, I feel like its a little too small. the only vehicle that fit comfortably on it is the scooter. The paved track is fun and you can easily race with a couple of motorcycles or one larger vehicle. The main road that circles the island is pretty good too. There is also a good sized bridge that is good to practice your bridge survival (or trolling...). The Docks to the east of the race tracks are about as good as they will get in my opinion. hard to make it really fun. 




Other Random Items

        -I keep getting this weird audio bug where I hear other players' reloads as if they were right next to me. (I'll post that on the bug reporting too.)

        -There are ~6 other random locations around the map that seem like they are just there to fill gaps. The gas station has-you guessed it-a bunch of gas cans, but other than that its empty and boring. Id love to see these places made a little larger because theyre not even really big enough to parachute in and do some 1v1. I think having these places double or so in size and then have loot spawn would make it great for practicing looting times as well as some loot and shoot combat practice. Seeing as there are several of these places, you could have a different theme on the type of loot that spawns at each location to make it interesting, like an area that spawns mainly CQC weapons, or something like that. I'd just like to have more done with these areas.

        -As mentioned in #1, I think an area with thin, tall targets would help players test recoil patterns. Currently, most people, including myself, are using the lines on the walls in the Item Spawn Buildings for this, but it would be nice to have some sort of target dedicated to helping you read the recoil as well as square 1mx1m targets with target silhouettes at 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, and 50m to practice automatic fire grouping. This could fit nicely on the eastern half of the Melee Range.


While I do have a lot of things that I have critiqued on here, I must say that I am absolutely loving the training mode. I am glad that it's here even if not in the offline form that many were hoping for. I think a few changes could really make a huge difference in how it plays in the future, especially on the live servers.


Feel free to drop comments/questions. I like feedback too!


Urban Combat Area.png

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In place of "AI Target" I would like better to see some training program where you have some objectiv (score/time) like shooting specific target one after the other, race with "door to go through", etc. I think it will help the training "job" by tracking your score over the time.


Good suggestion by the way.

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4 hours ago, Sinople said:

In place of "AI Target" I would like better to see some training program where you have some objectiv (score/time) like shooting specific target one after the other, race with "door to go through", etc. I think it will help the training "job" by tracking your score over the time.


Good suggestion by the way.

Thanks, yeah I briefly went over a kill tracker in my other post that I mentioned above as well. I definitely agree with that concept because a number is an obvious signal to a player that they are getting better, hence training.

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Regarding the medical station...maybe change its minimap name to Infirmary? First time I played I was looking all over the minimap for where the healing stuff was before I noticed the + icon...


With the vehicle garage at the firing range it gave me the impression that the devs forgot to add the other vehicles in, or if they did add them they somehow bugged out when the update shipped since there's only the soft top UAZ and there's none of the other UAZ variants, nor any of the other vehicles like the Tukshai or Dacia. It's likely not the case of the latter but it just feels like it.


The patch of empty land just in front of the existing firing range Garages and beside the road leading to the Urban Combat area seems like a good spot for another set of Garages to add the other missing vehicles in.


The training mode has been a boon in updating the wiki though. Before the articles looked like they were made by someone practicing for the first time, but I've since been able to polish them up real nice now that I can get decent screenshots of things.

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