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Jukebox :)

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Just found my new favourite spot on the internet. I'm working my way through each post one by one.

Trying to listen to everything unless it's utterly unbearable.

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On 6/8/2017 at 8:30 PM, Noize Of Future said:

I'm looking for hardstyle lovers here!!!!!


Holy shit, that was amazing. Looking for some ultimate Scooter tracks to compliment this.


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Time for me to share some shit. I love all kinds of music. My music selection is probably hard to peg but I'm an 80's fan since forever, seeing as I grew up in that era plus I was metal head once I discovered that my parents hated it (25 years ago), then about 5 years ago I got into electronic music, I don't even know how.

This all culminated in the triumvirate of Synthwave which is a little from each of my favourite genre's. So hopefully you will like a little selection from each of my faves.
I hope to check in regularly and discover some new tunes, I've already added a good dozen to my various playlists from listening to the tracks posted here. Love it!

80's -


Metal -


Electronic -


Synthwave -


This last one will be the most brutal thing you have ever seen/heard in your life. I swear to god that it is the best 90 seconds I have ever had. I'm just glad it was spent watching and listening to this.

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