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Duplicate winPlace and Rank

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We've been hearing a lot of confusion regarding winPlace and rank so I wanted to take a moment to help clear things up.


winPlace comes from when you die in-game or when you log out of the game.


Rank is the lowest value of winPlace for a player within a team. So for instance, if all of the members in two squads got disconnected at the same time, their winPlaces would all be the same, so their ranks would be the same as well.


If a player is on a team and leaves the match before the rest of their team, their winPlace will be logged when they leave, but their rank will still be the same as their team's rank.


If several players log out or are killed at the same time, they will have the same winPlace. If their winPlace is the best for their team, this could also lead to more than one team with the same rank.

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