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Got Stuck/trapped terrain

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Bug Description:
Got stuck in hole on the side of a mountain 
Miramar just south of El Pozo. there's an intersection southwest of El Pozo, now at that 4 way intersection the southeast corner where there's a mountain bluff behind a small group of 6 buildings
Cant post a pic. the 0.18mb max size won't let me post a pic. Trying to help the location but hard when its just dirt and a few builds. tried to help. Couldn't clip it on xbox.
<If the bug isn't immediately apparent please detail the steps to follow to replicate the issue> 
Xbox One Version:
Xbox S 



Game Mode:

Fpp Solo


I don't know if this interactive map helps you but there's a red line that I put where i got stuck

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ok the red line doesn't show psst stupid me haha.

well the long skinny building of those 6 buildings southeast of the 4 way intersection, its the next square south of it

ok got it to shrink as small as possible, but the red line

pubgmap.io_miramar got stuck (3).png

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