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Community Weekly Post - August Week 3

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Hello everyone,


Welcome to this week’s Community Weekly Post.


In today’s post, we’ll cover PTS updates as well as the FIX PUBG campaign and how it will affect our Xbox community.


PTS Hotfix

In case you missed it, the latest PTS update went live on August 12! Full patch notes here:



The PTS can be found in the Microsoft store. Search “PUBG Test Server” to download and try out the new patch before it goes to live servers. While our players were excited about the new content, including dynamic weather and limb penetration, a major bug had slipped through the cracks.


Sensitivity was lowered after exiting ADS, which was 100% reproducible when using the type-B controller preset and many times on the type-A preset. We also had an issue where the brightness slider in settings did not work, causing everyone to play on the default settings.


Thanks to everyone’s quick feedback, we were able to jump on these bugs to get them fixed, and we deployed the hotfix on August 15. Although this was a small one, we’re happy to see that our players are now able to fully enjoy the PTS content. 


Dynamic Weather

Some of our players are reporting that they haven’t had the chance to experience dynamic weather on the PTS. We’ll explain how the current system works below.


When you first get into a match, the game will decide the weather setting: Clear, Sunset or Overcast. Overcast itself has the lowest probability of the three weather pools (~15% chance).


Dynamic weather is included in the Overcast setting, which starts off cloudy with a chance of fog (15% chance) or rain (15% chance) during the match. That means there is a 30% chance of dynamic weather on Overcast. 


Please continue to leave us your feedback so that we can improve upon the weather system!



We’ve heard from many of our Xbox players that they’d like more clarity on how the FIX PUBG campaign impacts the Xbox version. We are continually aiming to improve the game on Xbox for our players, and currently we are focused on getting the game into a more optimized state with stable FPS all around on the road to 1.0. We are also working hard to fix the desync issues.
The bug fixes and quality of life updates on the PC version we are focused on during the FIX PUBG campaign will be implemented on Xbox with a 2-4 week gap in between. Most bug fixes will carry over in 2 weeks, with bigger optimization related updates carrying over in less than a month. This is to try to weed out bugs and issues before the update comes to Xbox. This will especially be important for optimization as we want to make sure that there are no major issues caused by these types of updates.


As we near the end of summer, we want to thank everyone for playing and participating in our game preview. It means a lot to us have a passionate community that supports us and helps us accelerate the development of the game. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on your feedback as we work together towards a better and better PUBG on Xbox.


PUBG Xbox Team

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