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Featured Applications Live on the Developer Portal

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Featured Apps is live!!!

Shout-out to everyone that submitted their applications to be featured!

The Developer Portal and PUBG API
The official PUBG open data API enables community developers to use in-game data to build applications for PUBG players. Community developers have been working hard on fantastic creations that players are using for statistics, analysis, replays, and more!

Featured Applications

The API Team has created the Featured Applications page in order to showcase everyone's hard work and give players a resource to find valuable applications that can enhance their overall PUBG experience.

Please keep in mind that links to these sites and application are considered to operate independently of us and having established their own privacy and security policies. We are not responsible for the content or practices of any linked websites which are provided solely for your convenience.

Submitting Your Application
If you've created an application using the official PUBG API, you can submit it to be featured by clicking on "My Apps" and "Submit to Feature".

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