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-DI- El Diablo

Damage Inc PUBG NA

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Damage Incorporated is recruiting people for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. We are a big community with many members and Genre of groups. In DI we have two types of teams for PUBG, a competitive team (which we are aiming to be in E-Sports) and a casual team (where everyone plays for fun). If you are interested then make sure to check us out!



Why would you join us?


-We have competitive teams (Two of our comp teams is playing in pro e-sports).

-We have casual teams where we have 6+ events a week.

-Incredibly designed forums and website!

-Great members that want to play and meet new people.

-Our very own PUBG custom server from the PUBG partnership program

-Great potential in E-sports with top 100-10 players are in the roster

-coaches willing to make you better in the game

-Partnership with twitch 


What we expect from you?

-Active on the forums

-Working microphone

-Have teamspeak 

-Be at least 16 years old


Check out our trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxeLhPJFLSw 

Check out this guide if you are interested to join: https://di.community/topic/2-~how-to-join-damage-incorporated~/


Looking forward to seeing you there :)

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