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Xbox Game Preview Hotfix - August 7

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Hello everyone,


We’re putting out a hotfix today to improve directional sprinting and loading times when entering matches. 


Please see our August Week 1 Community Post for a detailed write-up of both of these issues.



Hotfix Schedule: August 7, 1am PDT / August 7, 10am CEST (No Maintenance)


Checkout the patch notes below!


Analog Character Movement
With the previous hotfix which introduced analog movement, sprinting diagonally using L-stick became much more difficult. To address this, we’ve widened the angle of movement for sprinting diagonally. Now the character will be able to sprint at a wider angle before having their speed reduced. Sudden hard changes in direction will still slow the player down (as it will break your tendons in real life).


Files have been repackaged to load more efficiently. Now, the time it takes to load into a game will be quicker. After our previous hotfix, players had reported experiencing a number of issues while trying to load into matches and this hotfix addresses those issues.


Because we’ve repackaged the files to improve load times, the patch size will be quite large, despite this being a hotfix. We will continue to work on desync, sound issues and of course continue fixing bugs as well. 


Thanks for all of your support and feedback!
PUBG Xbox Team

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