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PUBG Stats and Widgets for iOS

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PUBG Stats and Widgets



PUBG Stats iOS app tracks player's season stats, match history and details.


PC and Xbox platforms are supported.
All game data is provided by Official Developer API


Here is what we've got for you:

  • Recent match history
  • Current season or recent matches overall stats
  • Unlockable widgets
  • Switching between regions and game modes on the fly
  • Switching between players and teammates stats on the fly
  • Matches detailed info
  • In-match team performance charts
  • Data and settings caching.
  • Background data updating
  • New matches notifications
  • And more...

Feedback email: stats.pubg@gmail.com

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thank you!

everyone is waitin for xbx stats on mobile for so long :-)



I will check it later.

Edited by TerroRCorE82

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В 13.08.2018 в 02:56, TerroRCorE82 сказал:

I can't ad "space" in my gamertag?

Currently there is a restriction for spaces in player field. Spaces will be allowed in upcoming update.


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