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Community Weekly Post - July Week 4

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Hello everyone,


We’re back with another Xbox community update and this week, we’ll be going over some new features coming to the game, going over some issues addressed this week, and also taking a look at some of next week’s hotfix.


Let’s get started.


Analog Movement


Analog movement has been a popular request for a very long time and we’re very happy to announce that it will be patched next week with the hotfix. The current movement system resembles playing with a keyboard, where the character is only able to move in 8 directions. This restricted character movement freedom to only 45 degrees between each direction. With the introduction of analog movement, players will be able to move freely in 360 degrees with the left stick on the controller.


We’ve prepared a short video to fully show the difference analog movement will bring to the game. 



Once analog movement has been implemented, we’ll need your feedback on it. Let us know how it feels and how it can continue to improve once the hotfix has been applied! 


PUBG Official Club


We’re introducing the PUBG Official Club, a new messaging platform for a wider audience, launching at the start of August. It works similarly to the hubs you’re familiar with, but with the added benefit of official posts from us. You will be automatically joined if you have a record of playing PUBG on Xbox, and it should be easily accessible for everyone. The posts made will be shown on the dashboard and will include space for comments to interact with the devs or your fellow players.


We’ll continue to post our announcements on other channels as well, but the PUBG Official Club should help improve visibility without having to seek out posts.




A few patches back, we introduced a reporting system for teamkilling. A big thank you to everyone who has been proactively reporting after being intentionally killed by a teammate. While a system like this doesn’t work well with automatic bans, we’ll be looking at cases and issuing out punishments in the following ways.

Times Banned

Ban Duration


1 Day


3 Days


7 Days

4th and onward

15 Days


We have a similar plan for solo players who team up and we’ll update you as soon as our plans are closer to being put into action.


We’ve also had some reports regarding players using illegal programs. We’re investigating internally and have also sent this information to the Xbox team. We take these issues very seriously and will not tolerate players interfering with the game’s system to break balance and harm user experience. Players who use any type of illegal programs will face permanent bans on the account and device level. If you suspect a player is using these types of programs, please let us know and we will investigate.




Players are reporting continued instances of desync. We’re looking at all possible causes of this issue, including the technical side of our build. While we research, we’re planning on implementing a ping based matchmaking system so people with similar pings get matched with each other in an effort to reduce instances of desync. In addition, we strongly advise players to play on servers closest to their geographical location for better matchmaking and for better gameplay.


And speaking of regions, in the recent patch, we merged the Asia and Oceania regions. The name of the new combined server was meant to be OC/AS, but it is currently shown incorrectly as just Oceania. We will change the name of the server to OC/AS as was originally intended.


Upcoming Hotfix


We’ve already discussed the upcoming analog movement addition, but we’d like to quickly go over a few of the other upcoming changes. We’ll provide more detail on these when we release the hotfix patch notes.


- Overall world loading and level streaming improvements.
- Detailed textures will load up faster on Xbox One X.
- Improved footstep sounds when on sand.
- Fixed a bug where loot boxes would not show after a player has died.
- Fixed crashes in certain situations.

- Optimized scoping.


Thanks for your continued feedback and support. Keep an eye out for this week’s hotfix and we’ll be back next week with another Xbox community update!



The PUBG Xbox Team

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