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**Kiyres CLAN [ PUBG Mobile ]**

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In-Game Name: ASMR㋭VENOM




Your level:Level 61


Your highest Tier:Crown 3


Your skills: Average Skills


Why should we accept you?:Bcz I am very supportive player and I believe in sharing loot instead of hoarding I can remain calm in tough situations bcs if I panick I may die nd also I like to play with good players and develop my gameplay and have fun with them 


Have you read the rules?:Yes


Do you accept the rules?:Yes ofcourse


What about the requirements?:Yes I meet your requirements 


Do you have a working microphone?:Yes


What language do you speak?:I can speak hindi,English and other indian languages as well so you guys will not face any problem in communicating with me


What's the most visited place in Erangel?:Georgopool,Rozhok,Novo,Mylta


What's the most visited place in Miramar?: Haven't played this map much but have landed mostly either in hacienda or pecado


Last question

Tell us a bit about yourself ( Not Necessary, it helps us understand you

better..) :I like to enjoy the game and also to shred people at the same time..I'm very supportive I will always have ur back will prioritize on sharing loot instead of hoarding,you can always find me well disciplined, respectful and responsible

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In-Game Name: Bibsredz


Your level: 40

Your highest Tier: Platinum IV

Your skills:Good at Environment Awareness and

Im good at aiming at Ar and Sniper

Why should we accept you?: I really wanted to be

A Experienced Gamer during from Tournament

Have you read the rules?:ofc

Do you accept the rules?:ofc

What about the requirements?:yes

Do you have a working microphone?:yes

What language do you speak?:I speak Fluent English


What's the most visited place in Erangel?:Mostly Pochinki 

What's the most visited place in Miramar?:Los Leones

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In-Game Name:   shadowknight93

Age:  25

Your level:  43

Your highest Tier (SQUAD):  Last Season : Diamond I (Now:  PLAT II)

Your skills: Perceptive, Agile, Fastpaced, Sniping, Brute

Why should we accept you?:  I'm Good At Teamwork

Have you read the rules?:  Yes

Do you accept the rules?:  Yes

What about the requirements?: I've Met All Of 'em

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

What language do you speak?:  Eng/Hindi/Marathi

What's the most visited place in Erangel?:  School Apartments

What's the most visited place in Miramar?:   Los Leones

Last question
Tell us a bit about yourself ( Not Necessary, it helps us understand you
 :   i like teamwork and i want to make good gaming friends :)

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On 7/25/2018 at 11:46 PM, MeLoveCappucuino said:

NOTE : This is for PUBG Mobile and Tencent Gaming Buddy ( Mobile PUBG for pc )




Welcome to Kiyres, owned my MeLoveCappucuino. ( IGN: ILoveCapucuino )
Situated in India, with a focus in Hindi/English.
Main language is going to be English mostly.

We're a team dedicated to bring out joyful and competitive skills. We're currently recruiting for 
PUBG Mobile, we accept if you play on your mobile or on your pc, via the Tencent Gaming buddy.

We also have weekly play days, where all of us gather and improve our skills.
As war is added, we will also be involving in that as soon as we have atleast 10+ members.

To Join our Clan and rise together. Fill up the recruitment form provided below.
Submit the form as a reply to this thread. You will be messaged via. pm's or with a quoted reply
to your replied form.

Thank you.


Hello! We're currently RECRUITING.
To join our clan, you will need to accept some rules and regulations, 
Meet the requirements as well.

If you do not qualify for either of these, you can not join.
If you do not qualify for the requirements, you can have a talk
with one of our Mods or higher. You'll also need to support
your statement with a strong point.

Also you will be ranking up in the clan.
Higher ranks give you higher priority in Clan Fights.
Clan Fights will be decided by the owner and other clans.
( More info with clan leader. )


Every member of the clan has to behave with respect towards other clans and clanmates.
All the members are requested to represent the Team honorably.

Compassion: Treat others as you want to be treated.
Integrity: Be honest, be committed, play fair.
Respect: Treat everyone with respect.
Teamwork: Everyone is expected to work with the team.
Common sense: Use it.

Any offensive player will be kicked without notice. We do not tolerate offensive players.
Don't spam the chat, everyone hates spam, and so do you.
Cursing is ONLY allowed as long as it isn't directed to someone.
This doesn't mean you curse at a person. It's only allowed when your really
frustrated and stuff. Although try to keep it at a minimum.

Threats: If you threaten anyone, you will be reported and kicked from the Clan.

Hacking: If you are found that you are hacking, you will be kicked no matter
what the condition may be, we do not want hackers in our team
nor do we want a bad reputation of the team. 


To join the clan, these are the following requirements you need to meet.

Communication: You need to have a microphone. No excuses.
No microphone = Instant Denial of application.

Level Requirement: You need to be atleast Lvl. 20
( The Lvl. Requirement will be changing in the future as we grow. )

Tier Requirement: You need to have atleast Gold V or above
in any of the modes.
We do not recruit 1 week after the season has just reset.
This time is to provide people to rank up.

Language: We're currently only accepting English/Hindi speakers.
( More languages may not come. )

Participation: You will need to play and help in completing clan
quests so we can level up faster.

Active: You need to be active atleast 2 times a week.
we expect you to atleast for a minimum log on 2 times a week.

Friendly: Respect clan mates, any reports of disrespect will be taken
action against.

Age: You will need to be atleast 12 years or higher.


This is the Format, copy and paste all things and answer every question honestly, 
if found lying, it will result in a instant denial.

If you do not want to answer some of these questions publicly, pm me your form.
( On forums )

In-Game Name: JohnRambo08

Age: 17 years

Your level: 44

Your highest Tier: Platinum 1

Your skills: Good Sniper and basic skills

Why should we accept you?: Read your rules and like your compassion

Have you read the rules?: Yes and agree with them fully

Do you accept the rules?: Yes with all of them

What about the requirements?: All are met

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

What language do you speak?: English/Hindi

What's the most visited place in Erangel?:
What's the most visited place in Miramar?:
Los leones
Last question
Tell us a bit about yourself ( Not Necessary, it helps us understand you

I am a pubg mobile enthusiast who is looking for a team with whom I can play squad ...



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