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PUBG Companion Discord stats bot

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PUBG COMPANION, a PUBG Discord stats bot


Developed with love by Jconsoletel#2850, Flygoow#1780 and xease#1024

PUBG Companion is the first PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Discord Stats Bot using data from PUBG Official API.
It currently supports PC and Xbox stats. Support for mobile stats is expected in the future.

                              Certified                        Featured                     Regular        Timely support                            
on discordbots.org          on https://developer.playbattlegrounds.com/          new features          on the bot's discord server

Player profiles

Full seasonal statistics for pubg players
• Full summary stats for all gamemodes combined, see how many games you played in each mode!
Detailed summaries for specific game modes
• Kill stats such as total kills and assists, damage dealt, headshot kills, vehicle kills
• Game stats that includes walk and ride distance, highest number of kills, longest time survived and win ratios


Match summaries

Full match summaries for up to last 10 played matches
• View match stats for all your teammates with you for a match
• Kill stats for each teammate such as kills and assists, damage dealt, headshot kills, vehicle kills
• Game stats that survival time and placement


Discord integration

Link your PUBG player name and region to the bot
• A mini profile for you that contains your linked PUBG name and region
• Use PUBG commands without the need to retype and specify your player name and region


Fun commands

Fun commands such as strat roulette and upcoming image processing tools for pubg fans!
• Use strat roulette to make your pubg games with your friends more fun
• More fun commands coming soon


PUBG Companion pages and communities

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