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Feedback to Sanhok & the event pass.

-Great job with the map, I love how you created it, the nature, buildings - its clean & fun. Also the size is alot better, more action. 

-I like the battle-pass idea, but I would also like profile-levels, ingame achivements etc that proof how much time you actually spend in the game - if someone ask you 'how good are you at pubg' you will have to send them a link to a pubg ranking site, you can't for example show someone how good you are in the lobby when you play squad/duo for example - I would love that.

I like the quests/missions - its a good variation, but I will explain down below some stuff I would like to change for the next time.

-The D-sync is really starting to get on my nerves - we need news about this, and I really hope we won't experience this in the future.

-Regarding the missions/dailies. Please skip when you have to play on a certain map, I dont know how many games me and my friends have quit because its the "wrong map" then you spend alot of time in the lobby because the game doesn't find any game - you need to cancel /restart lobby etc - and then you get wrong map again (because you need Erangel for daily/mission etc) Also please skip when you have to play different modes FPP/TPP Solo,Duo,Squad for daily atleast, its really boring when you enter with your friends and see that you need to play 1 hour solo on erangel for example...
Otherwise good job and I hope that you listen to your players! :)

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I posted a very long reply including all my suggestions on what needed work in the game. Little did I know, the forum posting should have been included. When I submitted it, it said the notify me of replies was a required field (never happened to me before). The text box only restored the first couple of paragraphs. I clicked around trying to see where it went, and it ended up erasing what it saved. I spent 3 hours typing my response, all for the site to erase it. I won't spend another 3 hours retyping what I said, as I don't remember most of it. There may a possibility that somewhere in the servers, it's still there, but I can't find out how to restore what I typed. Honestly so sad right now.

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Your boy is a fucking legend. I searched through my ram using Hex editor and I found it. Here we go


Network - The network is by far the most pressing issue. Since PUBG's release on Steam, the network has been borderline tolerable for an online competitive FPS (which, alongside MOBAs, need the most responsive and fluid network). I contributed it's lack of progress to the inability to keep up with the rampantly growing playerbase. Now, that is no longer the case. Also, the current state of the network is worse than it has ever been. For a game that is the 5th most sold game in the world, fixing servers is not a financial burden. I can only speculate the server issues are predicated on staff incompetence, whether it be network engineers, or prioritization given by staff head. Someone is messing it up. I have never seen an aspect of a game improve so little over such a long period of time (When updates are actually released). Updates have come to the netcode to fix what was the biggest issue, but something else was always sacrificed in its place. There is always one huge problem whether it be desync (current), bullet registration, rubber banding (current), increased network lag, getting shot before they peek (current and never before seen til now), etc. The goal is to eliminate/alleviate as many differences as possible between the server and players client. I am also not sure why so many AS players play on NA still, but it makes the network experience worse for everybody. I don't think server lock would work, because people from different countries wouldn't be able to play together (for example: me (NA), and my brother who is stationed in Kuwait (EU)). Network should have been prioritized from the start. If it isn't now, this game will be buried under the up and coming online competitive shooters. I project that PUBG has, at most, 5 months to fix the servers before it will be too late.


TL;DR - Prioritize this over everything else. It's lack of progress over the course of well over a year necessitates a staff change. Either someone's poor prioritization skills or network engineering incompetence


War mode - The war mode has been out on customs for a long time as a teased new gamemode. It has obviously been incorporated as an event mode instead of a true gamemode. Since war mode's emergence, much feedback has been given to improve the specific modes. For example, when the Kar98k sniping mode came out, the hugest complaints were the rain (extremely loud), the spawning with pistols (defeating the purpose of snipers only), and the bullet registration (oddly only a problem on this war mode). A month later, the game came out again, but it had NO changes whatsoever. It was the exact same thing. Not only did none of the feedback get payed any mind, the game mode itself didn't get paid any mind. It was just slapped back up there without any intention in bettering it. This exact problem happened with ARs not spawning with attachments, and the shotgun only BR event mode not having chokes (which was awful cause battles were won, not by skill, but by who had the better pellet spread RNG). Either they have no one working on it, or they are skipping work. Hopefully the people working on war mode can start doing something. War mode has a lot of potential, clearly manifested from player input, but nobody's listening.


  • AR mode - Spawning with ARs that have no attachments is an awful idea; however, I'm not sure what attachments should be given (specifically grips). Until you can customize loadouts for given war modes, I would suggest just all AR's spawn with a compensator, Ext. quickdraw, 1-3x scope, stock (M416), and random grip attachment
  • Kar98k mode - Either remove rain or lower it's volume drastically. It should spawn with a cheek pad (a lot of quickscopes happen). The 4x should replaced by the newer 6x, since its variable zoom more or less makes it a 4x-6x scope and will cater to more player's preferences. 
  • Shotgun mode - Again, attachments should be fixed at choke to make it more skill based instead of RNG based.
  • Care-package mode - The problem was that the m24 was the worst grab due to it needing to take 2 headshots to kill, 1 head and body shot, or 3 body shots to kill. Every other weapon would tear you apart before you got to do any of those. Now that the m24 is no longer a crate weapon, the only issues I have with it is the lack of attachments for ARs and snipers, and the fact the the mk14's fixed scope is the 2x. Don't know who made that decision. Aug should have the 2x and the mk should have the 4x.


TL;DR - War mode has potential, but it has barely been tampered with at all since its emergence. Start listening to feedback and incorporate it into this gamemode.


Event Pass - Very good addition to the game. One of the best decisions PUBG has made. I don't think I can really add any input that wasn't already added, but my most anticipated addition is weapon specific kill missions. Would love it. Possible ammo specific as well. Ex. "Get 4 kills in one game on Miramar using only acp weapons." Me and my friend do this for fun a lot.

Other suggestions

  • This one is hard for me to explain why it is so important to a game like PUBG. Simply put, it adds a large level of RNG to a skill based competitive game. Not good. Not only is it bad practically, its also unreasonable realistically. An AWM takes 3 shots to kill someone if every bullet hit their hands. That means, I can just cover my face with my hand and it'll be like a lvl 7 helmet. Wackyjacky brought this to light a long time ago and it has yet to be addressed. For more statistical info on it, his Youtube video can be found in my linked forum post. I think the hands should be penetrable by all weapons, forearms by all but 9mm weapons, and upper arms by only 7.62. 
  • When firing at somebody outside of the zone and they die to the zone between shots, it should still count as your kill, not the zone's. It should be similar to shooting someone who jumps out of the car and dies to falling and you getting the kill.
  • With the loot at Sanhok being more or less perfect, Erangel and Miramar suffer. This because the not finding anything to fight with in the first minute happens very often. I'm not familiar with coding, so a given suggestion would be ignorant. All I know is that going through 5 houses and finding, at best, a pistol, should never happen.
  • Incorporate game content from PUBG Mobile. I don't play it, but my brother often does. There are some very food ideas that are a part of the mobile game that the PC community would enjoy: Arcade BR, the jump with teammate thing (don't know what its called), gun range (which was asked of PUBG since release), Very high UI customization, etc.
  • The amount of kills a teammate has should be displayed next to their UI name bar. Individual and team total kills should also be displayed on the game over/win screen.
  • Make parachuting as fluid as it is in Fortnite. I don't like that game, but their arachuting fluidity was impressive. Parachutes still take you in random directions outside of the player's control and often so. They get stuck all the time, extremely unrealistically.
  • The rating system should be changed to favor one's ability to win instead of one's ability to hide as long as possible. The best way to do this is by removing the effect that prevalence in top 10 has on it. The largest factors concerning one's ability to win (even if they do so rarely), should be calculated by the amount of kills you have when in the top 10, and the percentage of Top 10 appearances that you win. KD should matter as well. This is because higher KD and better performance reaching and in top 10 indicates one's ability to survive firefights, which you MUST do in order to win. With playerbase being torn between those who go for wins and those who go for kills, to cater to the latter, rating should indicate who CAN win, not who gets closest to winning the most often. As it stands now, the rating system only works for those who "go for" wins, not even those who do win. Op.gg puts Shroud's duo performance at the Silver 4, despite a KD of 6.05 and all 3 top 10 games had a very large kill count. We all know if that he truly wanted to win, it would be far easier for him than someone at the level of silver 4. It makes rising the ranks extremely unrewarding as someone who can hide in a bush for 25 minutes while playing on their phone can make it to top 10 a lot and be placed in PUBG's challenger equivalent, let alone masters and diamond. I made a post concerning this topic as well showing various players stats that were given such ranks: 
  • With op.gg including the tiers similar to other competitive games, PUBG has yet to include it in their game. Once the rating system is fixed to rate player's skill and capability to win despite wether they play to get kills or play to get wins, it should be integrated into the game.
  • PUBG is one of my only pass-times. Most of my time elsewhere is career-oriented. Having a break from such work is looked forward to, especially when it includes PUBG. I hope it'll will last a lot longer. I want it to thrive. I don't know how I was picked for this. Since I have posted very few times, I can only guess that either I was randomly picked, or they like the way I give feedback. I'm not sure, but I hope I didn't waste this opportunity given to me and that I have contributed to the positive development of this game through my feedback.

Thank you

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registered here to make a constructive rant...



lag compensation is far too generous, you can be shot by people on super high ping long after you are behind cover.

sounds and blood splatters are not networked properly, sometimes we see blood splatters+hitsound on self, with 0 damage.

there is large spectator inaccuracy that has always been present.

Remake the 6x scope in-game model. It's unfinished, and looks like it was made half ass by some stoned dev thinking "lets uh make something in the middle of 4 and 8 dood"




the water tiles on the OG map need randomisation, they have always been disgustingly square and in a pattern, make them like sanhok!

stop fucking with the recoil - ITS SACRED ! there has been maybe 1 recoil update in CS:GO since its release. It's recoil is learn-able and moderate. You guys are just throwing randomisation at it left right and centre, not to mention adding in a pitch mouse sensitivity multiplier, set to 0.70 default, so most people have insanely large recoil. All successful FPS games have somewhat learn-able recoil, CS:GO, call of duty, GTA, H1Z1 ETC...

Add proper support for community servers, so that we can host our own servers, with our game-modes(various war modes, event modes etc (ZOMBIE MODE!!), and ban all speed-hacking silent-aiming chinas that come. 95% of players would pay 5$ a month for ESEA/FACEIT style servers, with admins to ban rage hackers.

Ban VPN usage(blacklist IP's from the main VPN providers) , like fortnite have. Then any Chinese hackers slipping thru the region lock wont be able to play.

Add a constructive voting panel displayed in the menu, to vote on new content. Take a note out of runescapes page, who were here long before bluehole. They listened to their community, have in-game "voting booths" to hear directly from the community, through a set of questions. You guys clearly don't play the game, otherwise you would have never fucked up the recoil and remove level 3 helmets from spawning for no reason.

Stop forcing the shitty desert map down our throat, the best thing that happened to the game in months was the choice of map selection! Take the hint, when people uninstall files, it means the map is not good.

Find real beta users, not streamers with 5k hours. If you give a new recoil update to shroud of course hes gonna give it the OK cuz he handles all recoil fine. Find some normal competent players and listen to them, because at the end of the day, they're the ones who pay ur salary.

re-buff silencers, they are shit now. It used to be cum-worthy when you found one, now people swap them off for compensators!

Reduce the volume of localplayer footsteps, they are so loud it makes hearing enemy footsteps harder in many cases.

add the mustang into the OG map- nobody is gonna play the shitty desert map just for the car, stop trying.



allow us to bandage+boost in moving vehicles (NOT first aid/med kit+) it's only logical, i mean: who can't drink an energy drink in a car??

add back rain mode and fog mode into the normal map rotation- spice shit up a bit for once.



Add a nightmode version of the OG map. It's literally a days work to change the lighting, it wont even cost you so much compared to the collasal waste on the desert map.

With nightmode you could add cool shit like side barrel attachments, such as laser sight, flashlight, thermal scopes, and other fun stuff back from arma days.


ADD KILLSTREAKS?!?!? The one thing all oldschool players hate, is the fortnite newcommers laying down in grass to survive endgame. Killstreaks such as 3Kills radar (minimap only, 30 seconds) 5 kills (care package (you literally have the airdrop mechanics already)) 10 kills i dont even know, some predator missile or some  shit!

These would encourage people to go out and find action, in the hope to be rewarded, and stop those bush campers from getting wins while they sit in a push playing minecraft on second monitor, listening for footsteps!


and for the love of god hire some real anti cheat devs, not those german kernal mode scrubs who pack their shit and charge u a bunch for it (BATTLEYE).


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This is my take on the entire Event Pass thing:

At first i was really hyped, already playing the game on a daily to bi-daily basis, and being rewarded skins for doing so anyways.
The first few days were awesome, nevermind the bugs that existed because i knew PUBG wouldn't do an update without flaws.
When i got over these first few days of joy tho the entire thing started to become more of a nuisance:

  • The most important problem was pointed out on Reddit only a few hours after the release of the pass: The fact that you had to do like 90% of all missions and reach the XP cap (80 that time) on almost every day to unlock everything without paying.
  • I know Companies need to earn money, but making the things from the Event Pass incredible difficult to earn and then offer XP for money on the side is shady as hell and annoyed me a lot when i learned about it. I'd rather have you add some stuff to the store (for a reasonable price, not 10€ for 1 f-ing M416-Skin that doesn't even look that good, rather like ~2,00€ - 5,00€ at MOST) that can't be earned in the pass at all than making money off of letting people buy XP.
  • Many missions were either incredible hard or incredible boring. The fact mission that had you reach top 3 without killing anyone meant you had to lose the game had me do it twice, because i didn't think anyone in his right ming would implement a mission that forces you to lose after acomplishing the near impossible.
    Some of these missions include, but are not limited to:
       - "The Checklist" - The mission that made you do like 20 different things on Miramar that i tried twice and then just accepted i will never do it.
       - Surviving 30 minutes with 1 kill in Squads - I barely play Squads because i mostly play duos or solos, and when we got to do 3-man-squads we never managed to scratch more than ~27 minutes because, well, we are casual players.
       - Kill 2 players with a Pan - Almost impossible because you either can't find a Pan at the start or everyone has a gun and you just die.
       - Survive 15 minutes without dealing or taking damage - By far the most boring mission of all, made me sit in a bush and go away from my PC and do some work-stuff and, although i did it on first try, was a mission that emphasized not playing. 
  • Having a daily XP cap instead of a weekly or even a cap for the entire pass, that had you play for 2 (after Update 3) hours each DAY to reach that cap made everything a drag. I caught myself over and over again just joining games and hiding somewhere and doing something else with friends because they wouldn't want to play PUBG for 3 hours.
  • Having daily missions giving you a reason to log in daily and play was nice at first, but making some missions incredibly stupid or hard just didn't make it fun for me. Having daily missions like "play 2 hours" was not fun at all. Other missions like "reach top 3 in squads" were impossible to do on 1 day because i mostly play solo's or duo's.

Since i read about that a lot, i had no problem with it being only 30 days long, but i can understand that some people are busier at certain times of the year than others.
On the other hand; because the pass forced me to do many things i did not like (this includes playtime and passive mission styles) i started wanting to play less PUBG and mostly just rushed the daylies and sat somewhere afk for most of my time playing PUBG the last ~1 week.
To summarize my experience with the pass (i am at Level 29 as of today without spending money on XP): If the next pass is similar to the sanhok one i, and many others probably, will not buy into it because it doesn't enhance the Experience of the game, it diminishes it.


I hope my Review of the Sanhok pass helps you make it better the next time! :)
~~ Levii96

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Aside from the obvious "improve latency" which I am sure is everyone's top request I have feedback and suggestions on Missions and Weapons.


tl:dr - Missions are a grind, Pistols need a refresh to make them useful, Weapons need to more of an opportunity cost decision like the VSS "If I drop the VSS I lose silent shots..."




Event missions and event pass is too much of a grind and is not rewarding enough for the time commitment required. Case in point, I play with a group of about 5 others and none of them care about completing missions, it is completely uninteresting to them and I'm not sure some of them are even aware of it happening. Why is this?

  • On the main menu the missions are a new piece of clutter amongst an already noisy UI with various promotions going on.
  • There's no in game notification of completing a mission, you have to end a game, go into the missions area and click on it.
  • Many of the missions are really grindy, change your gamestyle, or are achievable only by cheese.
  • Of the rewards on offer very few are that exciting.
  • The parameters of the missions are not clearly defined, many are wrong or broken.
  • The event pass is not good value for money because there is significant grind still required to achieve the rewards.
  • No integration in game.

Nobody wants to do a mission based on refuelling vehicles. Nobody wants to requeue so that they can try to get Miramar so that they can hope to find a 3 wheeler to complete the vehicles mission. Nobody wants to think they have completed a mission to find after the game that it is bugged or ill defined and did not complete. It isn't fun, it is a grind, it messes with the flow of the game, pushes players into unnatural playstyles, it disrupts queuing, and it is overall frustrating.


To fix this I suggest that as a rule missions should be achievable on any map, not significantly change playstyle, encourage good strategies, and reward cool gameplay. The UI should tell you in game when you have worked towards an achievement and when you have completed one.


Example missions:

  • Quick Fix - Take damage from a player, heal with bandage/first aid/medkit, then either damage that player or take damage from them again (aka if you just got shot, take cover, heal, reengage)
  • For Honour - Wipe an enemy duo/squad without finishing downed members (aka concentrate on fighting the enemy squad rather than mostly harmless downed guys)
  • Together, with feeling - damage an enemy who took damage from another of your teammates in duo or squad (aka yay teamwork works)
  • Aces - Kill two enemies in a game without them dealing any damage to you (aka good job you either owned in a heads up fight, or ambushed someone)
  • Coordinated - damage an enemy who has been flashed, naded, or molotoved by a teammate (aka I'm nading)
  • Hot Rod - Reach top speed in any vehicle for 15 seconds. Fun to achieve.
  • I'm pilot - Get airborne in any vehicle for 5 seconds. Fun.
  • Stuck it - Get airborne in any vehicle for 5 seconds and take no damage when landing. Fun.
  • Be a good player - Survive a red zone. *smirk*


Just a few examples of making the missions system both a tutorial, a reward for doing cool stuff, and most of all... fun.


Thanks if you read this far :)




You've got a group of weapons which see no use beyond the start of the game. I'm talking pistols and things like win94. Players want to use these weapons, they want to use them throughout the game, not just in the first 5 minutes, there are suggestions for bringing maligned weapons into the lategame all the time, but the only time you'll see a lategame pistol or win94 used is if someone is doing it by conscious choice to handicap themselves.





Lacking in range, stopping power, and hard to use up close, vs all primary weapons there's no reason to carry a pistol when you can switch to your other rifle/smg if you need to have something for close range or a fast 'reload'.


In a game with 3 ranged weapon slots it is always going to be challenging to find a role for that 3rd weapon without introducing some odd mechanic to force utility. The utility of pistols should be that they are extremely easy to use at close range, and provide a real alternative to swapping to your other main weapon.



  • Make slot 3 switch speed lightning fast. To the point where a player needs to make a decision between switching to Slot 2 or Slot 3. If switching to Slot 2 or 1 time needs to be increased then do so.
  • Improve enemy readability through all pistol ironsights. Lower the gun model I think and bring it closer. Not sure! The movement of ADS ironsight pistols is not right somehow.
  • Allow sights on all pistols. Makes all pistols much easier to use.
  • Allow holo sight on all pistols. As above, increased opportunity to make pistols useful. Use a new small holo model.
  • Faster reload speed of sawed off. Very all or nothing weapon at the moment.
  • Faster movement speed while ADS in pistol. Make pistols a more dynamic weapon to use, quickly push into a room with an ADS pistol or slowly with a rifle?
  • Improve pistol accuracy at longer ranges. Make it more viable to fast switch to pistol after scoring not-lethal hits with k98 at closer ranges instead of 2nd rifle.
  • Give pistol very fast lean speed. Ensure that player model when using a pistol has a really tight form. Make the pistol good for small profile peeks inside tight buildings.
  • Bring DPS closer to SMG. A major issue with pistols is that they lack damage. Even if you could switch to them really quickly you would still get out damaged.


5 Minute Weapons


The weapons you use because it is the first thing you picked up but ditch asap for something obviously better.


In a game with good strategy there will be opportunity cost decisions: If I choose X then I lose Y. In PUBG there are numerous weapons which are better than their equivalents in every way. It seems that weapons were originally designed so that M4 > SCAR > M16 or AWM > K98 > M24 > Win94. This is uninteresting because it leads to flat decision making where all players will always go for the same set of weapons given choice. It also removes any opportunity for players to pick weapons based on their playstyle.


What needs to happen is what has mostly happened with ARs. Changes to their damage, handling, and utility to remove the decision hierarchy and turn it into an opportunity cost trade-off.


Another example is that the VSS is in an excellent position. It is very good early game, functioning as an SMG, then it transitions to being good at range. The reason is that despite being low damage it makes no noise. Something no other gun in the game can do. So despite being 'weaker' it offers this amazing lategame utility to get kills in total silence. All gun balance needs to be approached this way.


Picking on the Win94 its issue is that where it might be good for the long range engagements on Miramar vs any sniper or any AR it cannot beat any of these weapons and would never be chosen above any of them for the following reasons:

  • No scope. On a map with such long engagement ranges anything which can't take a scope is dead weight and will be outclassed by anything with a scope.
  • DMR Damage. Without a scope the ability to land good hits at range is compromised, however; the win94 cannot kill with a headshot on a lvl2 helmet. So you have a combination of hard to hit, and when a hard to achieve hit is made it won't be rewarded with a kill.




Suggestion 1 - DMR like

  • Have a 4x (or 3x) attached by default like the VSS. Give it a really old school long tube scope with a simple post crosshair.
  • Lowest sniper bullet drop for say 200m. Really give it some advantage over all snipers, maybe AWM like bullet drop and speed. Something to make a player think "but if I keep my win98 then I'll be more accurate than with this SKS..."


OR Suggestion 2 - Sniper like

  • Higher damage so that it will kill a lvl2 helm.
  • Allow scopes up to 4x.
  • Slower magazine reload speed. So that equipped with a 4x we have a k98 like with 8 rounds but that takes longer to reload than a k98.
  • Increase damage to armour but not players. I'm thinking you could let the win94 kill a lvl3 helm in one hit but crucially not kill the player. So the player may decide to bring a win94 into the lategame instead of a k98 because it can destroy a lvl3 helm in one hit. Something I think only the AWM and Xbow can do right now. They also kill the player but what if we introduce the choice to destroy armour before following up with an AR after you know you destroyed the helmet or vest.


The above are really to illustrate the types of things that need to be done to 'weaker' weapons to inject some strategy into the looting decisions made by players and bring some of these potentially fun weapons into the lategame where everyone wants to see them in the hands of skilled players.



Many thanks if you read this far. Hero.

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On 7/10/2018 at 9:45 AM, Levii96 said:

To summarize my experience with the pass (i am at Level 29 as of today without spending money on XP): If the next pass is similar to the sanhok one i, and many others probably, will not buy into it because it doesn't enhance the Experience of the game, it diminishes it.

I agree with your post overall, but clipped it so I don't clog the page and also because this line really summarizes yours and my view on event pass. I enjoyed the skins I got (except the time limited ones, boo), but I won't buy the next event pass because the boring missions literally ruined my PUBG experience.


I love PUBG when I play for fun, but grinding missions really make me wanna quit playing overall

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And another thing... Aimpunch is a problem at the moment too I believe.


Why do we have aimpunch? I think it is there to balance AR/DMR vs Sniper or Sight vs Scope engagements.


What is the problem? In any fight between two equal players, the player aiming centre mass will win because they can deal aimpunch before the player taking an extra moment to aim for the head. The aimpunch throws off the other player who then cannot land hits. The player aiming for the head is put at a disadvantage despite attempting to make the more skillful play.





Add nuance to aimpunch mechanic to introduce a conscious choice between where on the body is being aimed for and scope/sight selection.


  • Headshots always deal aimpunch. Players should always be rewarded for taking extra time for headshots.
  • First body/arms/legs hit does no/little aimpunch. Balance timing so that in the above scenario both players have the same window to land their first shot.
  • Second hit within a small window deals some aimpunch. Landing consecutive hits on an enemy rewarded with aimpunch.
  • Subsequent hits deal increasing aimpunch. A chain of hits on an enemy results in maximum aimpunch.
  • Armour level should not affect aimpunch. Reduce variables so that aimpunch is more consistent and can be accounted for by skilled players.
  • Scoped in players should take extra aimpunch damage compared to sights. To preserve some of the levelling mechanic in sight vs scope combat.


With the above changes two players of equal skill have a choice to aim for body or go for a headshot, no matter their weapon system. The player who goes for a headshot with their first shot, and lands it, is rewarded with aimpunching the other player. It is risky though, a miss of the headshot will result in the opposing player who went for body hits landing damage and then if they have good spray control increasing aimpunch.


This introduces an increased risk/reward to going for headshots vs aiming centre mass and will remove scenarios where players going for headshots are punished for doing so.

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a mini battle royal version of erangel and miramar would be amazing.

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I have some very constructive feedback.




I expect my free event pass soon.


thank you.

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Yeah fix the frikkin useless lobby that works about once every 2 hours :/

why the fluk do i have to sit here for 4 hours to get 1hr of gameplay, its a joke

ive been trying for 2 hours now and had 1 fkng game :/

why do you keep fucking it up all the time

why do you split the game up into 50 modes so theres not enough ppl to make a full server in any of them :/

why did it sit there for 39 mins trying to join a server before i killed it ?? you cant even program it to realise that... helllooooooooooo



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ive restarted the lobby about 50 times, ive restarted the game about 4 times, yet still the time remaining is always the same, and it wont join a fkn game, with either all maps selected or just sanhok... faaaaarrrrrkkkkkkkk


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Firstly, I'll really like to appreicate you for all your efforts specially for trying to know the views of players.


Now, coming to the point as this game is really doing great infact more than great at this very moment but to continue so there are some options required to add ASAP, one such option required is an AUTOPLAY button.


No doubt this game is taking all of our time and interest but to continue so there are some options which are essential to add now like  AUTOPLAY option.

Sometimes it becomes diificult to play whole 30 minutes game at a stretch,I very well know that to solve that ARCADE mode has already has been made but here I'm not talking of some shorter games or something but a minute or two break in the game when the door bell rangs and we have to unfortunately keep our phones aside just for a minute but as we all know that a minute can do everything so at that time such option like AUTOPLAY will be very much helpful so that computer will be playing for that 1 minute for us and we won't waste out 25 minz efforts just because of some stupid phone call/ doorbell / something else....

Now, to make sure that people are not taking an advantage of this option we can keep some sort of restrictions like can use this option only once or twice in a game and this option will only be active for a minute or something.

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well, no fkng wonder... you make me pay for sanhok, then put out another fucking event to takle all the players from the game we payed extra for so we cant play it...  FUCK YOU CUNTS


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maybe a tournament at the end of each season for the top 100 players on the leaderboard of each region.


with maybe some cool prices, like very exclusive skins or some money prizes (if that is legal) and if there is enough resources for this.


would give at least me a reason to grind the leaderboards, right now i havnt got one.


(this would require a non-ranked mode option, otherwise people are gonna practice on other accounts and other regions etc, would be unfair imo. also some other tweaks considering map selection and people only playing certain maps, so rating goes down if leaving lobby or something)


oh and this end of season tourney streamed on twitch offcourse, so everyone has a shot at fame!



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One thing that many of my friends and I have issue with is items not spawn by the time you land. With Snahok being a close quarters and fast action map this leads to a bit more frustration then some of the other maps. 


If if there is a way to spawn / prioritise the loot near a players marker at the start of the game it would be a huge area of improvement for many players. Maybe something like once a marker has been placed for 5-10 seconds on the map that area gets prioritised for loading. 


Nothing worse then landing at docks and having to run for it cause nothing’s loaded only to return later to find guns and ammo right where you landed. 


I held off buying a pass for ages simply cause it felt like shit you guys asking for more money after we payed for the game and had a stack of locked crates to boot. 


I decided to to support the game development and bought a pass but it would be really good if you included keys in the next pass even if it’s only a few. 


Keep it going, great stuff. 

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I paid $40 for this game in early access and it keeps getting worse, the greed is insane. Why are you punishing your loyal and during fanbaae?


Give the option of unkeyed boxes like this is ridiculous 


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Hey Guys,


as I'm expieriencing a lot of negative feedback towards this game i just want to give you guys my pure feedback on what i'm thinking.


As a projectmanager in software development and game for decades myself I want to encourage the whole PUBG team to keep up the good work.

I really played a lot of games and gotta say that to me this game is in the same league as csgo or dota2.


People tend to expect a game which is a top esports or multiplayer title to be perfect from the beginning but this is a long and hard road as we know from titles like the 2 mentioned below... These games had DECADES of optimisation before there have been like 20 million dollar price pools and a lot of offline events and you just can't optimise a game within 1-2 years and meet expectations of players which are used to have a gameplay which is based on said time of optimisation.


Jesus guys ... you are bitching about desync ... did you play fucking cs 1.5 with a fuckin ancient ISDN modem? :D this is a work in progress and needs time and informations based on expirience to fix!


Me personally did not expierience a lot of cheaters in my games but maybe i'm not in a tier where this comes into play :D


Another thing about being "greedy". You don't need to buy any ingame things to play the game as it is ... Me personally did buy the event pass, the ghosted and the momentum crate, not because i want the skins but just because i want to support the game and want it to develop further.


Also i guess most of the critisism comes because people lose games, but hey: this is a BR game ... out of 100 players only 1 will come out as a winner... your goal should be to improve your game, get better and obtain a dinner from time to time. How can you expect to own everytime and get mad for not doing so?


Things needs time to fix and are not done like: Hey i got a new ticket for you developers its called "fix desync" - estimated for 1 day, please to this first. :D


Keep up the good work and thank you for an awesome game with a lot of good content and optimisations to come!

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I do not understand why you took away map selection. It was a great idea and it allowed players to play maps they really wanted. Instead of having to go into a category and having to get into Miramar 10 times over I wanna just select Erangel. I have had this game for a while and the whole time I had this game I and others I have wanted to select the map I can play the whole time so I don't have to start a game 20 times just to get the map I wanted to play. And when you guys added it in I was happy as hell. But When you took it away after you put in Sanhok i was pissed. Because i had times where i wanted to play exclusively Erangel or Miramar but now I can't do that because you took Map Selection away. But this is my personal opinion and if the reason is to keep traffic to other maps then I suggest making better maps and listening to the audience to see what we want 

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As my post on the first page was only about the event pass, here is my feedback about sanhok:


1. Map design:


The map design is generally far better than miramar and erangel, the map provides plenty of cover and I haven't really been in any situation yet where my game ended due to getting a unlucky circle, like it easily can on the open fields of erangel and miramar.


The idea of having areas along the river where isn't too deep to drive/walk through is great but I think it could be optimized more as they dont feel very useful right now. Driving through them slows down your vehicle too much and it feels like it is just a disadvantage to drive instead of swimming - you don't have to worry about leaving your vehicle behind anyway. Walking through it doesnt give you any advantage either as it is barely faster than swimming while swimming also protects you more from being shot at. Imo driving and running through these passages should be a bit faster.


The area around the big mountain on the north-west side of the map have some spots that feel way to steep and also don't provide enough cover when going downhill i.e. when running downhill towards "ha thin". That could use a bit of tweaking. It would also be nice to see a few "hidden passages" along the big cliffs where you can move down/uphill, circles on that area on the map can become quite tricky if your only way down is blocked by one of the late stage bluezones.


2. Circle settings


The circle settings in combination with the  cover this map provides is just perfect. From the beggining to the end of the game they have the perfect timing and speed, never push you too hard and also never make the game boring while waiting for the next zone. That is not the case on the 8x8 maps however and I am honestly quite disappointed that we haven't heard anything about these bluezone changes since they were taken back to the drawing board back in April as that short period was way more fun to play despite the first 2 circles being too fast in combination with the rather poor loot on these maps.


3. Loot distribution


There are plenty of weapons which really suits the pace of sanhok but after the initial fights it really seems to be super hard to get enough meds and weapon attachments.These 2 things could use a slight increase, otherwise I am really happy with it and I hope we can get a little loot increase on the 8x8 maps too.


4. Other


Now that Miramar has the Mirado and Sanhok is getting the tuk-tuk...As the main driver of my squad I demand a fun vehicle for Erangel too! :P

Maybe a huge old russian military truck? It could have alot of seats too, for custom/event games with bigger squad size


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On 7/16/2018 at 1:28 AM, hond0 said:

Another thing about being "greedy". You don't need to buy any ingame things to play the game as it is ...


I get to buy about 2 crates a week and it seems like 70% are locked.... That's greed, if you want to customize your characters you must pay $2.50 for a Generic brown shirt. 

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Hmm.. it's nice news from this UPDATE but i rather than happy if Custom Match all player can create all rules with my way. like minimum player to start the game. My suggest more enjoy more happy more good if you give rules minimum 2 player to start the game not 10 player. I hope you hear my suggest thanks

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13 hours ago, Sandsteez said:


I get to buy about 2 crates a week and it seems like 70% are locked.... That's greed, if you want to customize your characters you must pay $2.50 for a Generic brown shirt. 


you seem not to understand what I wrote ... "You don't need to buy any ingame things to play the game as it is ..." ...

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About Custom Matches:

what i really dont like is that should be possibile to start a match even with two player. For example, if i want to play with 3 friends i simply cant beacause i cant start the match. Could be possible to limit the number of players to a minimun of 2?

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custom matches:


(didnt wanna create a new topic so i post it here even though this is not about sanhok and event pass)


So it seems to me that the custom games arent really kicking off just yet.


Most games start with 10 people and there is just a couple of pages for for example solos fpp in eu during evening hours.


i think adding this would make a small improvement:


- have each server have a description, either underneath it or when u select it, where the host can explain in one or two sentences what the server parameters are. (such as: "Fast blue zone, 2x ARs and snipers, no red zone")

- then also when ur in a server lobby, have a button to click that shows in a userfriendly way, so maybe with pictures, what the server parameters are, like blue zone time, what the spawn parameters are for different weapons, how many airdrops and so on.




- maybe add a filter for which map you want to play.

- being able to sort servers on map/people already joined



(ive been playing customs all evening and until you start playing, you have no clue as to what the parameters are. the blue zone might go superfast, or you are looking for an AR when those spawns have been turned off completely. etc etc)

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