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Update Regarding OC FPP Duo

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G’day OC players,


This is a follow-up to our recent post Plans for Fixing OC's Ongoing Matchmaking Problems where we discussed the issues OC players have experienced with long or infinite FPP matchmaking times and our plans to address this. Prior to the launch of Sanhok, we had originally planned to close the OC FPP duo game mode for all maps, as an immediate step we can take to alleviate lengthy matchmaking times.


For now, we’re not going to close OC FPP duo, as players are reporting that queues for Sanhok are working great (but less reliable on other maps) for most of the day. However, if queue times degrade over time, we will again consider closing OC FPP duo for all maps to improve the health of matchmaking for OC players.


We need to take time to make our matchmaking system more efficient for situations when there are very low numbers of players in a queue. But that could take time.


We’ll continue to monitor player feedback regarding queue times.


Cheers guys

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