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Xbox June 26th Patch Preview #1

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Hello everyone,


As our next patch is quite far away, we’ve decided to create a series of three articles with information about our June 26th patch.


In today’s post, we’ll share the problems that we’re focusing on first. We’ll be able to tell you more in our next posts!




For stability, we’ve currently got two main areas of focus:

- Reducing crashes that occur after many hours of play

- Reducing crashes that occur during loading (streaming)


As many of you know, playing PUBG for a long time causes crashes. This has to do with the way memory caching works. There are some unnecessary processes happening during caching which we are trying to locate and eliminate.


There’s also a lot of crashes when any sort of loading (or streaming) is happening—whether you’re parachuting, moving, running, or in vehicles. While streaming, there seems to be an unknown issue during loading which causes crashes. This is a very broad summary of the problem. We’ve found some of the underlying issues and fixed them already, but there are many other issues that are still need to be fixed.




Many of the upcoming optimization work on the Xbox version comes from recent work we’ve been doing on the PC version of the game.


First, character optimization. With character movement, there are many resources, some of them inefficiently. This has been a critical issue with the performance. We’re aiming to use 50% of current resources.


Second, let’s talk about shadows. Shadows have been calculated separately from characters. While we tried to have the shadow of each character move identically and have the identical shape, this has caused the performance of the game to be low. We will be changing the shape and movement to improve performance.


Finally, let’s talk about effects optimizations. Care packages and smoke grenades will be optimized as they slowed down the character and caused lag while in the smoke. There are also a lot of resource being used for vehicle effects while driving. We’ll try to reduce this without diminishing the quality of the effects.


We’ll share more information next week! Sorry again for the long wait for the patch—we’ll work hard to make sure it’s worth the wait.



The PUBG Xbox Team

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