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PUBG Xbox Team

Xbox Test Server Returns For Round 3

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Hi folks,


The Xbox test server is coming back soon for round three! This time we’re leaving it on for about three straight days so you can test on your preferred schedule. 

Servers can go down for maintenance at any time. If that happens, check our help Twitter or this post for info.





FRI, May 11, 8am – SUN, May 13, 11pm


Europe (CEST)
FRI, May 11, 5pm – MON, May 14, 8am


Miramar only
Solo, Duo, Squad - FPP/TPP


Bug Bounty Program:

Don't forget to submit any bugs you find to the bounty program!

To submit your bugs, just use this link before the bug bounty program ends on 5/14. Please visit the Bug Bounty FAQ for more information.


Best of luck during the test, and we look forward to your feedback!


The PUBG Xbox Team

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