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Delayed Item Spawns

Delayed Item Spawns  

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  1. 1. When you land or drive to a loot area, do spawned items take seconds to load?

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Dear Bluehole,

The issue is delayed item spawns. I reviewed your known issues thread and found it concerning that this issue is not on your list. I ran a search on these forums and found a few related posts, but the post are lacking in details. In an effort to get this issue resolved, I am posting a new and more comprehensive thread of this bug. I do recall you made an adjustment in game to make the loot load later, but I can't find that patch note, and believe it needs to be tweaked.




Bug Description:

The issue is items do not load until 1-4 seconds after arriving at a loot area, or rather, delayed item spawns.

-When first parachuting down to loot an area, especially on rooftops, the items do not load until 1-4 seconds after landing. More specifically, I believe they load a couple seconds AFTER the first player lands. This happens when landing alone and when landing with a variable amount of players (both enemies and teammates).

-However, this issue is not limited to the early game. If I take a vehicle, drive it as fast as possible to another city or some other far away loot area, get out near a building, and immediately run into said building, items again take 1-4 seconds to load.

-See below for some evidence, but also I know Reddit forums have numerous videos on this issue.


Date Seen:
At least since patch 1.0, so December 2017 through the present. Last seen 5/9/2018 around 8pm CST.


Live servers.  

Troubleshooting Attempted:

I have tested this issue and confirmed it to occur on both maps, FPP, TPP, and on N/A, EU, and Asia servers. I did not test this on other servers.


Other Information:
Here are a couple other threads on these forums of users experiencing similar issues. I went and grabbed all the ones I saw from 2018.







-Relevant part in thread and corresponding video below (1:21 to 1:36)

Launch Options:
Only the blue blood code, and have disabled that to test as well. Confirmed to be happening with either option.


System Specifications:
Operating System: Win 10 Home
Graphics Card: EVGA 1070 GTX
CPU: i8700k
Ram: 16gb @3200mhz

Edited by MotivezQT
Edited to add one additional thread of someone reporting this issue.
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I saw 2-3 times in mid-game  something similar, I went in a room and the items spawned after 0.5 - 1 sec. 

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It's completely random how long loot takes to spawn. Sometimes it's instant, other times I can loot an entire 3 story building until it loads.

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the best is when you land before someone, see nothing and run and a M416 loads in behind you for the person late to the ground. LOVE IT.

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