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Hello Players, 

Below is a guide and template for reporting map bugs, please use it for every bug that you wish to report as it will help us to efficiently collect the information we need to make changes. 

Basic Reporting Guide

  • Search to see if the issue has already been reported.
    • Although we appreciate your reports please make sure that it hasn't already been posted, if it has please join that discussion if you have further information to supply.
  • Use a descriptive thread title.
    • "Stuck spot <XYZ>" is a much better title than "bug found!!" and can help us to group issue together
  • Be specific.
    • Please be specific with your information; Where did it occur exactly? Are you able to replicate it? What are the steps we need to take to replicate it ourselves?
  • Provide evidence
    • Where possible please provide video or images of the bug, preferably with your location on the map as well. 



Bug Description:
<Please be as descriptive as possible> 
<If it is a map issue please provide us with the exact location(s) where this is occurring. A screenshot of the location on the map would be most useful. If it occurs on a certain level of a building please try your best to share that with us>
<Video is preferred but screenshots are also very helpful. Please upload videos to your preferred hosting service, images can be uploaded and attached directly to your post>
<If the bug isn't immediately apparent please detail the steps to follow to replicate the issue> 
Xbox One Version:
<Are you on an Xbox One OG, S, or X> 



Game Mode:

<FPP/TPP - Solo/Duo/Squad> 


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