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Bug Bounty FAQ

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Hey everyone,

In April we announced that Miramar would be coming to Xbox with the PUBG Test Server, we also announced that we would be running a bug bounty that will reward players for submitting detailed bug reports. Since then we’ve had many questions about how players will be selected to receive the bounty, what the in-game items are,  and when we will be selecting the recipients of the bounty.

The purpose of this thread is to answer those questions, as well as to update you on how to submit the bugs to qualify for the in-game reward. More on that later in this thread...

What are the in game items?

How are players being selected for the bounty?
Bugs that help our QA team identify and reproduce bugs is what we’re looking for. We will not be selecting bug reports that fail to provide enough information to help us identify bugs. Additionally, we will not be accepting bug reports that have been copied from other sources. Having said that, many bugs will be reported by multiple players, but as long as the information of each submission is unique and helpful in it’s own way, those bugs will qualify.

Rules and Guidelines
Although we appreciate all the bug reports we get we need to lay down some rules to make sure that we’re getting reports which are useful to us.

  1. Xbox Gamertag must be correct
    When you submit your bug report make sure your gamertag is correct; we will not be able to change this after it has been submitted.
  2. Only original reports will be considered
    If we believe your report has been copied from another player you be removed from consideration for the bug bounty.
  3. Reports must be completed fully
    Please complete each section to the best of your ability.  Bug reports that don’t provide enough information for our QA team to reproduce the bug will not be considered.
  4.  Supply evidence/reproduction steps
    For us to investigate and fix a bug we need to see it happening or be able to reproduce it. The best type of evidence is video or a screenshot. If you’re not able to supply either of those a detailed explanation of how the issue occurred, or how you’re able to reproduce the bug.


When, and how, will you give out the items?  
We will be selecting the players who submitted bug reports that qualify sometime over the next month -- we’re not sure yet when we will be finished reviewing all bugs submitted, but we will announce when we’ve made our selections and have distributed the rewards. The reward will be granted directly to your account, so please make sure you supply us with your correct gamertag when submitting the bug.

Where do I submit the bugs?
During our first test period we accepted bug reports through our forums, now that the bug bounty is online, if you want to potentially qualify for the reward, you need to re-submit your bug report via the link below.



Thank you in advance for your bug reports! You’re helping make PUBG a better game, and we cannot thank you enough for that!





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