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Weapons damage and ammunition choice

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Good morning,

I wanted to make a suggestion about the various types of weapon damage. I realize that the damage as it is right now depends on the type of weapon that is used versus the caliber of the weapon. It would increase the reality of the game and its effects if the damage was based on the type of projectile fired. Comparing the ballistic data of the various calibers that are implemented in the game already would not have a huge affect on over all game play but it would be one more detail that sets the game apart from other shooters. 9mm projectiles would obviously be on the lowest end of the spectrum where .300 magnum would be at the highest. 7.62 would cause more damage and have more knockdown power than 5.56 but it would have a slightly steeper trajectory. 45 ACP would stack up a little higher than 12 gauge especially at distance. The crossbow is an interesting animal by itself because it kills by blood loss not massive trauma and hemorrhaging like bullets. Perhaps it could be a one hit knock down depending on the location of the impact and then arms and legs can be healed by players on their own. Doing a simple ballistics check and arranging a damage scale would yield more realistic results.

Another suggestion would be to have different types of ammunition for the calibers that are already available i.e. Armor piercing, Tracer, Incendiary, Subsonic, and 12 gauge Slugs. This would greatly increase the dynamics of the game and provide players even more ways to fight their way.

Thank you

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