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[UPDATED] Regarding our latest anti-cheat update

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Despite its effectiveness in blocking cheats, we have decided to roll back our latest live server update.‬‪We will continue to resolve some compatibility issues caused by it. There will be a small patch to download. We apologize for the inconvenience.‬









We released a patch yesterday without going through any maintenance to add some new anti-cheat features.


However, we know that some players are having compatibility issues, causing the game to crash or are unable to launch the game.


We are doing our best to resolve this issue. With the issue that is related to the game not launching, we are checking for any conflict between anti-cheat solutions and other programs.


If you are having a Xenuine related error messages or an issue that is related to the game not starting, please use the following method so that we can further investigate this issue.

Go to Start -> Run -> Enter "msinfo32"-> file -> export -> enter a file name and click save. Please upload this file to the following forum thread, we will then forward all files to our development team for investigation.


We will not be removing our recent patch in order to keep blocking cheats effectively.


For now, if nothing happens after trying to launch the game, please add both tslgame and tslgame_BE to the exception list in your anti-virus software  (e.g. Trend Micro Internet Security, Avast). 


We will try to keep you updated with new solutions to other issues as well.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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