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Pre-Game/ loading area Gear and attachment store

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Let me know what everyone thinks about this... 


Sometimes i feel like i am earning money for nothing or disappointing items from overly priced crates. Well what if there was a pre-game store where you could spend that money you earn on items that will help you out in game. Prices always vary on equipment or items. In this store you could purchase anything from a back packs, to health packs to weapon attachments, and clothing. 


The clothing you purchase would stay with you for life, but all items and attachments are only able to be used for that specific game. I say to not allow for the purchase of armor or weapons, or the Gillie suit.  But you could purchase all forms of health, weapon attachments, all levels of back packs, and i considered saying you could purchase a vehicle for a  bunch of money and you do the air drop in the vehicle, military style, ( which would be really awesome) but you don't have much control while you are dropping.  You still only have a minute to purchase everything you want or need, this would make people choose really carefully what they want. Everything is still able to be found on the ground too. 


Thoughts? I don't think this would really take to much away from the game style and having to loot and find what you need. you would still need to find everything this would just give the opportunity to start with some items. 



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