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[Updated] Upcoming Hotfix Patch

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Hi players,


We have some details to share with you regarding an upcoming hotfix patch, which will resolve some bugs introduced with our most recent update.


Please see the following post by Nico, Executive Producer at Microsoft:



Hey there, quick update regarding our upcoming hotfix.

We have a version of our release build in test, with a final version to be submitted to Cert and QA tomorrow.

Here's our High-Pri Fix list: Revive bug, Footstep/Single Fire Weapon Audio, B and Y buttons functional while in-game map is activated, a handful of minor low risk fixes.

I'll circle back with an update once we head into final Cert with timing for release.



Update March 9th from Nico:


We identified some issues that may (emphasis on may) result in a degraded player experience. To be safe we'll be keeping the build in test for another day or so and make a determination on launch timing, or resubmission after we've gotten more data. I'll keep you in the loop.


Sorry for the delay folks, I'm honestly looking forward to these fixes too.


Update March 12th from Nico:


We have a patch release go/no go late this evening. If things go as planned during the call we will schedule release of Patch 10, early tomorrow morning PST.


Thanks for your patience



Thanks for your patience and see you in game!


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