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Singlefire BUG

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Sup guys , i wonder all the time about these people that shooting with ARs that fast like they use UZI with 5.56mm or 7.62mm.



Most ppl got new Mouses with a Doubleclick button, that button allows u to shoot faster as the actually RPM is !


U can set the button up to 1 clicks every 2 - 245 milliseconds. And a lot of ppl use this.



Hope u guys know what i mean and fix it in future ! It should be not allowed to use Singlefire and shoot faster than automatic with this button on mouse.

Also a mouse with Macros can setup to this firerate.


U can also download Programs that make u shoot faster than the weapon actually can  ! https://freemouseclicker.com 




Cheers hSKyyyy

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