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Ping creates issues with firefights (And proposed solution)

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This issue is really bad right now. Players with high ping always seem to have an advantage on me. I get shot after falling behind cover all the time. I even get shot by people who do not appear on my screen until after the shots have hit me.

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High latency causes desync between the two players. Regardless of which player has the high latency, both players see each other in the past. With the way PUBG's netcode works, the actual delay is about double the latency of the two players. If a player has 2000ms, they will see roughly 4 seconds of delayed gameplay. The lag compensation also has no limits, so said player will also get 4 seconds of lag compensation. That's 4 seconds the other players cannot deal damage to them. That's more than enough time to empty multiple magazines.

Some say it gives the lagger the advantage, some say it's an even playing field. The reality is, the player with high latency always has high latency so they can easily compensate for the delay and adjust their playstyle. The player with low latency is used to low latency and is not aware the other player is lagging until they attempt to shoot them. This leads to unexpected loses, and the current never ending "Region Lock China" spam from American and European players.


Many high ping players are not intentionally playing outside their region. Matchmaking does not automatically place you in the lowest latency server which is a major flaw. Even within NA, some servers I connect to are less than 50ms, while other are about 150ms.

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