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Vehicles invisible when seen from above on a road

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Bug Description:
For some reasons vehicles disappear when you parachute above them from a certain hight and above. This includes moving and spawned vehicles. It seems like the road texture is incorrectly rendered over the vehicle.

Date Seen:
04.02.2018 and earlier

EU live server.
Troubleshooting Attempted:
Increasing and decreasing view distance.

Other Information:
The streamer and youtuber "wackyjacky101" confirmed this issue on stream.

Launch Options:

System Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 10 x64 Edu
Graphics Card: GTX 1070
CPU: i7-8700k
Ram: 32GB 2400MHz

Video of the issue - it features a replay but the issue also happens during live gameplay:


It would be awesome if you could add the issue to the issue tracker.

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