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Camera view stuck after prone in starting area

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Date Seen: 

I first noticed this happen over the past weekend (1/28/18) and noticed it again last night when I tried it again (1/29/18).


Error Message:
The game did not crash.

Other Information:
Going prone in the starting area before the plane loads everyone up, and stay prone until the plane loads.  Once it loads, try to change the camera view left or right with the mouse.  It will not pan and is stuck in a fixed position.

Troubleshooting Attempted:
All except reinstalling C++ redis was done on Saturday, 1/27/18.  This is easily reproducible for me (I will have my friends try it too).

Launch Options:

System Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 7 home
Graphics Card: Asus GTX 1080ti
CPU: i5 4760k
Ram: 16 GB DDR3

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