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Game skps frames for 2-5 seconds when you ADS or get hit towards end of game.

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I notice that as the game progresses things like ADS I lose a lot of frames - 1-2 seconds worth.  Then late game I will often die outright due to mass missing graphics frames.  I've always been able to run this game between 120-144 fps.


PC :Ryzen 1700

M2 drive (faster than SSD)


1080ti, 1440p ASUS ROG 144hz monitor



Things I observe.

1. Laggy ADS (it goes from starting to completing in about 1-2 frames - so I literally have sub 1 frame per seconds).

2. Getting shot will freeze the game for about 2-5 seconds. 

3. If you spray full auto it sometimes also freezes for 1-2 seconds.

4. This happens more late game than early game fights.


Worst is if you get HIT you completely freeze for 2-5 seconds...often I come back to the death screen in the top down view (I don't even see the transition to the death screen!)

Here is a link of me getting shot and getting away with it, usually it's WAY worse than this.  For the last 2-3 weeks without fail every top 10 has ended with me having massive lag of 1-5 seconds freezing in game.


This isn't a video encode issue, this is actually what occurs.  Usually it's WORSE than this,  I lived this time.




I've tried changing all graphics settings. 

I've refreshed the cache - no issues found

Iv'e turned off shadow play - no difference.


I haven't reinstalled graphics drivers - no other games experience ANY issues.

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This happens to me as well, and it was immediately after updating my graphics drivers. So I uninstalled and reinstalled my display drivers with a clean install and it still does it. I've tried shutting shadowplay off and all the extra stuff and it doesn't stop. BUT if i remove my display drivers and play the game it plays beautifully. It's infuriating getting into a firefight and freezing the moment you start to shoot someone. 


My specs are i7-7700K, 1080ti, 16 GB ram at 3200 MHz. I definitely havent had this issue before. 

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