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Has anyone else been getting stuck in game? Like you'll be doing your thing and all of a sudden you can't move or pick anything up. I can still use functions like opening the mini-map, opening the inventory but I can't move, pick up items or open doors. I' have already gotten killed for being stuck and not being able to do anything about it.


My specs in case it helps

Intel Core i5 6600k

MSI Gaming M3 Z170A mother board

16gb of ddr4 RAM

GTX 1060 3gb
Game is running on an 480gb SSD but the system also has a 1tb HDD as well

I'm running the game on ultra low (Because at first I thought it was like a rendering problem so I cut everything back besides render distance)


I just got back into the game after leaving before it left early access and I don't remember anything like this happening at all.

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The same happened to me yesterday on the "old" map, at the start of the game (pochinki). Went into a house, picked up a P92 and couldn't pick up anything else or interact with doors.

I still could walk around and open up my inventory, but no items were shown when I walked over them. I disconnect from the game and started it again and everything worked again.


It seems that lately the amount of bugs is increasing (stuck on objects on the new map, invisible objects).

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