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Not receiving BP after rejoining a match because the game crashed

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So I've noticed that I'm not receiving my BP after I die or after a Chicken Dinner if I've had to rejoin the match do to the game crashing.


For example, I needed 56 BP for my next reward crate, me and a friend went into a duo's match where we both crashed and rejoined. We got the chicken dinner and the game tells me i earned 800+ BP but when i went to buy that next crate, i was still 56 BP away from my next crate and that 800+ BP was not added to my BP wallet total. 


This has now happened to me multiple time now. It doesn't matter if you die or win the game, will not receive your earned BP if you have crashed and rejoined the match. This is something that need to be looked into because this game crashes all the time.

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