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No-Foliage Exploit/Hack

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It seems that the foliage exploit has returned, or was never fully addressed on the PC version of the game. We're starting to see more players (when watching replays) who only have grass and other foliage on their screens out to a few hundred feet, exposing any player (who from their view) is well-covered and should be difficult to view. This is occurring on the live servers, and experienced on the North America servers. I believe that this was previously addressed, but it seems to be showing up more often.


The suspect player easily aims immediately onto the opposing players without the need to use an aimbot that snaps to the player. A few nights ago, there were 7 or 8 players spread out through a grass area, and the suspect player was on a low rise, but out of view. Suddenly, every one of those player's characters were dead---from one-shot Kar98k headshots and follow-up (to avoid reloading) with a Scar. When reviewing the replay, the dead characters were in wide open spaces with zero grass or other cover, completely the opposite view from what those characters had for a view. However, the grass from the suspect's view remained out to a certain distance before it all vanished. The suspect's guns swayed and had lift, but he quickly went player-to-player with one to two-shot kills. We've now seen this behavior about ten times over the last few days.


The screenshots did not save, but I'll try to add some the next time we see this occur. Are others seeing this same behavior?

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It occurs to me yesterday on SA server, the only cover we can get is behind the trees or rocks, the foliage will not work as cover as anyone can see us. The players with a potato pc running graphics on low have even more advantages.


This must be improved to give us a fair game play.

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