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[25] Client not responding

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So starting the day before yesterday (1-15-18) I have been getting [25] Client not responding EACH AND EVERY GAME! So finally today I said screw it and downloaded the game on my laptop and transferred the PUBG folder, the BattlEye folder, and the TSLgame back into their proper positions on my main pc and allowed Steam to verify and boom I GOT TO PLAY! Well 4 games later I get the same CLIENT NOT RESPONDING ERROR. I see so many complaining about this and NO RESPONSES ever come from admins/mods. I cannot play the game at all. I have tried pages upon pages of fixes with no avail. Other players have been posting all over and in the bug report main topic but this needs its on topic since no one ever tries to help fix the issue.


I'll follow your "Template"


Please attempt the following list of fixes before posting:

Uninstall, reinstall of all MS Distros, game, steam.

Transferring files from another personal pc

Playing with VPN

Removing BattlEye and allowing steam to verify and fix.

Uninstall reinstall gpu drivers and update them all the way

update windows

use MSI Afterburner to turn my GPU down a bit as I have had to do once before in another game.


If you're still having issues with your gameplay, please respond to the existing thread (not this thread) related to your specific error.

If there isn't an existing thread for your specific bug, please create a new thread with a descriptive title and follow the bug reporting format below:

Date Seen:


Error Message:
[25] Client not repsonding (ID) ((I Guess version? 3.6.4))

Other Information:
Happens about 5 to 10mins in match.

Troubleshooting Attempted:
Done it all.

Launch Options:

System Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Pro
Graphics Card: Nvidia 780ti
CPU: i7 4770k
Ram: 12gbs

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i think there is no solution for this problem , im also getting this from 2 days , attempted all troubleshooting no luck , i guess we just have to wait for them to fix this

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Well considering it has been happening since last year... Don't think a "fix" or recommend is coming anytime soon. Doing further research this affected Arma and DayZ as well both with Battleye

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1 hour ago, heroonheroine said:

Not it happens all the time, randomly

Mine is 5 to 10mins into any matches. Pretty much everyone else's is as well. Its annoying. I've had it last a little long but still every game I lasted long than one or 2 town loots.

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My recommendation is to simply close out of PUBG and delete this directory on your computer:

  • {user}\appdata\local\tslgame

This immediately fixed my issue. Read below for more information.


I was running into this extensively. Somewhere between 2-11 minutes (random of course) my client regardless of region, game type would randomly produce this error. I looked at people using VPNs, verifying steam files, people uninstalling and re-installing. One thread showed an overly detailed way to reinstall pubg by backing up game files first. Re-installing the game didn't work - deleting that folder did.


Deleting this folder will reset your bindings if you customized them. Fortunately for me, I only had a handful and it was easy to change it back. If you are adamant on preserving your game settings I would follow the instructions on this post, it will be a little more time consuming but: 

Why do I think this happened? I don't know for sure, but I know what I did - and I'm not overly technical on this sort of thing but if I had to guess I had moved .pak files to avoid getting placed into Miramar. These files were preserved, but it worked as intended. 3.6.6 was downloaded and 3 of the 4 .pak files were moved back into the folder. Shortly thereafter, I start encountering this error. It wasn't consistent every game, but always happened when you least wanted it too.


I tried moving the .pak files back, I tried verifying, I tried reinstalling pubg - none of it worked. My guess is that the temporary data in the appdata\local\tslgame was disagreeing with game files and forcing this error. I can't explain how but the logic pathway suggests it.

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