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Bug that allows me to see players through walls

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So I was playing the game today and suddenly it froze and I got an error (I can't remember what the error said). After I opened the game again it asked me if I want to join the game that I left. I pressed yes and thought, that I am not alive anymore. But I was and then the glitches started. Everytime I scoped in (ADS not Hipfire) there were strange clipping bugs and sometimes I could see through walls and see the enemies when I cancelled the ADS view. Switching the weapons helped a little bit but there were still some clipping bugs after that, but at least the "wallhack-bug" was fixed. I didn't abuse this bug. I have recorded the bug with Nvidia ShadowPlay but I am not allowed to upload such big files. That's why I'll upload them on my Youtube channel: 



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