Hello everyone,    I've had a quick clear-up of this thread to ensure it is following the rules of the forum   We're happy for you to discuss the benefits of region and ping lock but please make sure the thread is based on the benefits in regards to communication, ping, and latency.  Other discussions regarding cheaters/RoC violations are better suited to other threads. 

We have mentioned on multiple occasions that we are looking at implementing a ping lock. 

You can find it mentioned in our Dev blog 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #3 where we said the following:   We again mentioned it in our Dev blog Celebrating PC 1.0 launch:     We understand that people are frustrated that sometime when matchmaking they are put with players who cannot communicate effectively due to language barriers, unfortunately even with a region lock this would still be the case for players on the EU servers given the close proximity and shared server region of those countries.   

Our main priority here, as stated in the Dev blogs, is to establish a smooth gameplay experience for all players through increasing server stability through limiting high ping connections. 

Reasoning for implementing a ping lock over a region lock is a fairly simple one; region locks don't always take into account player's pings, someone who borders another region may be better suited to play on the bordering regions servers due to their connection speed/distance. If we implemented a region lock based on IP they wouldn't be able to use the servers which offer them the lowest ping and therefore best connection. Also, region locking is simple to bypass through the use of a VPN which allows the users to obtain an IP from the desired region and would result in significantly higher pings, completely nullifying the purpose of the lock.   Other considerations when implementing a ping lock, and which can cause some issues, is that of allowing players from different parts of the world to play together.  If you have friends in other countries who you play with strict ping lock would mean that you are likely to be restricted from ever playing with that friend again.  Obviously this isn't something which we want to force on people so we are looking at ways other FPS games have implemented similar systems. 

If you have any comments regarding what I have said above I would be happy to discuss it further.