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Inventory and Vicinity glitch

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I don’t know if this is common or whether I’m the only one but sometimes when I’m looting players’ bodies or using attachments my inventory will bug out and cause me to be stuck at the top or bottom of either the vicinity pickup section or my inventory. I will press up or down on the d-pad and it will move but it will go straight back to where it is stuck. This has got me killed so many times in solo and in duos and squads I have to ask my mates to pickup items I need and to get guns out for me, which is tedious and wastes time so sometimes I am left with what I find on the ground. This is honestly the worst glitch I’ve encountered in any game and it really drives me crazy. I’ve put 3 days into this game and it happens at least once every 3 games and sometimes it will affect my whole inventory menu.. please fix this stupid bug...

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