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Ryzen - Screen stutter/long freezing

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I'm having huge screen freezing/stutter when I open my inventory ever since I upgraded my PC from Intel i7 3770K to RYZEN 1700x.
My FPS is about 8-15 FPS higher on average with the new system, but every time I open my inventory, it lags out for 3-5 seconds. Changing attachments on my guns gets me killed a lot

Average FPS 40-60 depending on the location.

While running, my screen will freeze for 1-3 seconds  (audio keeps going) and I'll teleport 10-20 feet if running

(This is all at random times except for when opening the inventory)

Brand new build - newest BIOS update - Windows Updates - Nvidia Updates
CPU: RYZEN 1700x
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000 (running at 2100)
GPU: Dual Nvidia 970GTX - SLI (Tried multiple SLI fixes, all make it worse)
Motherboard: ASROCK X370 Killer

Issues: Microstutters - Frame Rate is average 40-60, but micro stutters lag me out bad. Open the player inventory, and it freezes for 3-5 seconds.. Random freezing through the game of about 3-5 seconds.

Fix attempt: Lower Settings, Raise settings, MAX Settings, Lowest Settings, Disable SLI, Enable SLI, Newest Nvidia Drivers, Updated BIOS - all same issue. 
Note: FPS hardly changes at all from low settings to almost max. 40-60+ FPS


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