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Disconnect Midgame (2.6.43 - E67214)

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My thoughts,
This crash has happend to me probably 15+ times today alone. As much as I love this game I'm tempted to quit playing, because of the difficulty this brings just hoping to get through 1 match without being disconnected. I'm generally good with internet related things and computer based things, but I don't understand these error codes or what is triggering this crash.


Freeze's for a short moment then disconnects me from game.
(%70) of these crashes occur when I'm in parachute, or just landed.

(%30) of these crashes occur during, looting, driving, and firefights.


I'm fine with waiting if I know that this glitch/bug is going to be fixed. If anyone (Non) developer knows of this crash or knows how to fix it feel free to comment fixes or concerns.


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