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Found 22 results

  1. Date Seen: Since game was launched Server: Live and test server, both. Error Message: Other Information:(Any relevant information that you think would be useful to help us track down the cause of the bug) Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried to change every resolucion, scaled and everything in nvidia setting but isn't client problem Launch Options: nothing System Specifications: First screen it's my view on my monitor Second screen it's my teammate watching me in the game You can watch the extremely zoom i have while playing on 5:4 resolution that thing make this game unplayable :(. Please i hope this issue can be fix as early as you can. THANKS
  2. I posted this topic before, not sure where it went, seems to be archived, but the bug still exists. Both behaviors are default bound to mousekey, but if you try rebinding them, you can't use the same key for both behaviors, even though there is never an instance where they would conflict.
  3. So i setted my mouse wheel up to select primary weapon. But then when i aim in my Optic i can lower the intensity of the reticule but not turn it back up and that applies to the x8 scope as well because i can Zoom down but can't zoom back up. i have to swap the scope back and forth to get the high zoom back. its particularly upsetting with the x2 scope cause lately you made a change that you can dim the reticule so much on the x2 that the reticule is invisible. When i watch the map and zoom in it selects my primary weapon, when im running unarmed pushing for the zone and this happens it's annoying. the mouse wheel controls when vewing the map and selecting reticule intensity/scope zoom should be independant from weapon selection keybinds. May i suggest that you put the reticule intensity selection in the option pannel. So you could select at wich intensity you want to have the different reticules setted and just leave it like that. That way i wouldnt have to dimm my reticule down everytime i swap attachments. Cause yeah every time you swap attachments (mag, grip, muzzle, stock) it resets your reticule intensity selection as well as your x8 scope zoom preset.
  4. Играю все идеально,70фпс,для меня отлично вообще лагов не чувствую,а когда противник рядом и я включаю прицел,то у меня зависает на ~1сек., когда противник далеко,то ничего не происходит,кто знает что делать? А то играть вообще не приятно.
  5. Hi, since the new patch I cannot change weapons while zoomed (looking down sites). Also, when I have my inventory up, I cannot move. Has anyone experienced this problem and found a fix? thanks
  6. Unable to cycle weapons using mouse wheel when ads even though i have changed the 8x/15x zoom function and holo/red dot brightness to another key that is not scroll wheel. Scrolling the scrollwheel when ads produce no effect. Wondering is there a fix for this problem?
  7. Cycling weapon not working when in ADS even when zoom function key of 8x/15x is not set to mousewheel scroll up/down
  8. Coming from other shooters, I have gotten used to having primary as Mwheel up, and secondary as Mwheel down. This is so much more efficient than scrolling through my items as the default mwheel is set to. However, if you change the mousewheel settings, any time you zoom in or out of the map, it will bring my gun out or change weapons (although it doesn't do this for the default mousewheel keybind of cycling weapons for some reason). I hope this is a bug, so please fix it, or at least let me bind map zoom to other buttons. This also affects scrolling through inventory, as doing so will change weapons. It doesn't matter whati is bound to, ie. if mousewheel down is bound to jump you will jump when the map is up and you try to zoom out.
  9. Новая изменяемая кратность прицелов не сохраняется после выхода из режима ADS. До сих пор нет возможность перенастроить управление на Правой Кнопке мыши. Что бы режим ADS был на удержание кнопки, а не на переключение. Нет возможности переставить Прицеливание от бедра на другую кнопку. Нет скрещивания Прицеливания от бедра и режима ходьбы, хотя это одинаковые по смыслу функции. Что при прицеливании что при зажимании ходьбы скорость одинаковая.
  10. Hello, when in the 3rd person view if you right mouse click to aim and try to switch back and fire the Red Spot that should display will not show instead displaying without it that is default without the red spot sight . please try to fix this issue
  11. Good day team! Besides the negative connotation that is attached to developers viewing the bug forum (I'm a developer myself, I know the feels) I would like to start to say your game is amazing - I love it. The hunt for the illusive Dinner of the Chicken variety is damn exciting. Anyway right to it, I had a Kar98 with a 4x scope. I was battling a guy fairly close range in Mylta. Now, the nature of the Kar98 is at range so I was trying to Quake 3 railgun jump around to outplay him. However it didn't go well because of a bug I found. When you are ADS the player movement is impaired. This makes sense and should be kept, but when the bolt action reload animation is triggered, the normal movement speed does not return, and I believe it should - you technically aren't zoomed in anymore and you have a chance to Duracell bunny around while your character is putting another bullet in the chamber. If you want to test it: get a Kar98 with a 4x scope, ADS, fire it and while its reloading, try to move normally. This should hopefully explain what I mean. I have only experienced this once because of the unique nature of the situation so I haven't technically experienced it more than once but I'll try replicate it again if you guys cant. Looking forward to hearing from you. Hutchy
  12. Hey, I am not sure if this a bug, but it might be. If you had scroll wheel bound to next/previous weapon, when you went to map and used scroll wheel to zoom in, obviously it didn't switch weapons. Since the map was open it zoomed it/out. However, I switched scroll wheel up to primary 1 and scroll wheel down to primary 2. When ever I open the map and scroll, rather then just zooming, it switches my weapons! That gets annoying. Any thoughts? Thanks
  13. Starting yesterday I've to tap my rmb twice to zoom in or tap twice and hold to shoulder aim. It's literally unplayable because I'm used to just tapping it once, anyone have a fix? My mouse works perfectly outside of the game.
  14. When mouse wheel scroll assigned for zoom distance for weapon instead of change weapon. Whenever you use mouse wheel in game(zoom in map for example) it will change zoom distance for weapon. Zoom distance for weapon should be changed only when ads'ing
  15. There's a difference in the camera perspective between 1st and 3rd person. The 3rd person perspective also seems somewhat zoomed in since the last patch. Date Seen:8/4/17 Server: Live Server Error Message: None Other Information: This bug occurred after the fpp servers and adjustable field of view were added. Troubleshooting Attempted: I reset the game's config files. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  16. Bug Description: full map automatically and constantly zooming in, I zoom out with the mouse wheel, will automatically zoom back in, coincidentally when this happens, I also cannot control my fire function of shooting my weapons, I'll click, repeatedly click,spam it and nothing, then as i'm moving around my character will randomly start firing as if the previous clicks have some major sporadic lag, this is extremely frustrating. it seems to come up randomly, and when it does it keeps coming up game after game with multiple different troubleshooting steps. Date Seen: Today, several weeks ago before the last major update as well, but it resolved itself when re-installing the game, I can't keep doing that... Server: NA. Troubleshooting Attempted: verified my mouse was not the problem, all inventory drag and drop functions are normal, weapon switching with the mouse wheel is normal, verified game files on steam, didn't work. restarted my PC, didn't work. reinstalling the game once before seemed to work but that is a tedious and time consuming process, I cannot be expected to do that often. Other Information: this has happened before the most recent update as well. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System:W10 Pro Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU:i7-5930K Ram:32GB DDR4
  17. Bug Description: Since a few patches, I noticed a super annoying flickering rectangle when zooming in with scopes. The rectangle pops up right of the actual crosshair when zooming in - while it being on the right side seems to be persistent, the height seems to vary. Please check the screenshot and the GIF - I also uplaoded a video to Youtube: Server: Normal server, NOT the test server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restart didn't help - this problem becomes obvious everytime. Other Information: I have a gut feeling that this bug was introduced when the 2x scope was first implemented. It might actually only happen with the 2x scope and I just got paranoid and falsly think it also happens with the other scopes and sights. Not sure if this is caused by some Z-fighting of textures using alpha transparency such as the grass or the LoDs of the trees? Launch Options: Never changed or added any launch options or INI files. System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 x64 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 980 Ti (Palit Super Jetstream) CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k Ram: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 Latest drivers, updates, firmware, bios for everything.
  18. Hello mates, beside the game having huge performance issues i have some Problems with zooming / scoping. No matter if i am in first Person Mode or third Person mode, i always have to double right click, to zoom into my scope. On a single right click, the crosshair just will be smaller. What do i need to do, to change that default game setting? Ist there any config file, where i can change that? Thanks for reading and may responding
  19. Using zoom with x4 and reddot teleports me underground below water level and feels like siwimg, it happens near trees
  20. There is no key that can replace LEFT SHIFT in your game. No other key works to replace LEFT SHIFT. This needs to get patched sooner than later x.x
  21. So I can't use my left shift, keyboard got some water damage, I can bind other keys for left shift but no other key works to have steady zoom/breath with the lungs up etc.
  22. Bug Description: Severe Frame drop occurs when aiming down sight, not every time but often enough for it to matter. Date Seen: 3/23/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 980TI CPU: Intel i5 6600K Ram: Corsair LPX 8GB
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