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Found 11 results

  1. I'm not playing very frequent at the moment but it really bugs me that I mostly can't use zeroing. I have this bug since some time and I did just hope that enough players would report this so that it will get fixed soon but this bug just doesn't go away. So today I opened the forum after a long time and searched for this issue and couldn't find anything. I'm using the direct scope mode on holding right click. I don't use the half scope at all. My feeling is this bug was introduced with this feature. I just can't change the zeroing. I have set the zeroing to my mouse buttons so I thought it could have something to do with that but I changed it to normal keyboard keys and that didn't fixed the issue. I'm not sure this bug only exists with the 4x, but I did take some time in one game and tested around with the 4x and just couldn't bring the game to change the zeroing of that.
  2. Cannot increase or decrease zeroing using any sight or scope, have not tried with Iron sights. I do plan to uninstall and reinstall the game soon but I do not believe this will fix the problem, I've asked all the friends I' play with and they are also experiencing this bug. I've been experiencing this on the Live Server since the 1.0 game update (I believe).
  3. I made this video that shows the issue About 10% of the time, I can change the zero distance with a scope attached. But 90% of the time, I get the behavior that you see in the video (unable to zero with a scope on)
  4. After 1.0 it always shows 100 m in the scope - nothing changed in terms of keybinding, it s still page up/down and i reselected it as well, but nothing happens - it s always 100m ...
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but at the current rate players are posting on the forums, I'm going to consider it a bug. Especially since this change was not mentioned in the 1.0 patch notes. Bug Description: Zeroing no longer works on Holo, Red Dot, 2x, and 4x scopes. Date Seen: Since 1.0 launch patch. Server: North America Troubleshooting Attempted: Changing key bindings does not work. Other Information: Other players have reported zero works on 8x and 15x scopes. Launch Options: No changes. System Specifications: In screenshots below.
  6. The default crossbow zeroing with default sights has been changed to 50 meters instead of the standard 25 meters. This makes it significantly more difficult to accurately place a bolt in a precise location at longer ranges.
  7. Default keys pgup / pgdn will not work and and the sight is stuck on 100m on Red Dots, Holographic and 4X Acog. It does however work fine on Iron sights and 8X sniper scope. It might work on a X15 I've not used one. I cant imagine this is intended
  8. I am unable to change the zeroing for at least 2x and 4x scopes. Works for 8x and VSS. Haven't tried Win94, Holo, or Red Dot.
  9. Bug Description: cant use alt+mwheelup or alt+mwheeldown for zeroing. works on LIVE servers but not on PTS. simply does not change the zeroing. issue was also there during the last PTS when vaulting was implemented Date Seen: during last PTS (introducing vaulting) and also current PTS with miramar. Server: TEST Server Troubleshooting Attempted: tried to rebind using alt+mwheel but did not work. Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. Launch Options: none System Specifications:
  10. When the zeroing distance is changed, someone spectating sees 100m no matter what it is actually set to.
  11. Title says it all, really. When you bind either of those wheel motions to e.g. change zeroing they will be activated even with the map open--effectively making a single input do two things which shouldn't happen. In other words using the zoom function on the map will also be messing up your zeroing. This is especially frustrating since you can't bind the map-zooming to any other keys and I've already gotten in the habit of using the wheel for zeroing. I would very much appreciate a fix. While the map is open zooming should be the only function of those wheel motions.
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