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Found 6 results

  1. Current build in game defaults at start in "Windowed Fullscreen" mode even in settings it shows native "Fullscreen" (I know it's in "Windowed Fullscreen" because if I ALT+TAB the game doesn't minimize, it only does it when in native "fullscreen") I already posted it several days ago in PUBG subreddit and it's still happening https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/a5rj49/if_you_have_fps_drops_in_vikendi_its_because_game/ This is causing massive FPS stuttering for lots of people and major complains about current performance and it's simply wortkarounded by ALT+Enter twice or by changing screen mode and reverting back to native "Fullscreen" mode. This problem was in TEST servers and in current PRODUCTION/LIVE servers. Just fix that and people will stop complaining about performance in game or at least most of those complains will stop
  2. The problem is very simple: Every time the game switches between in-game and in the menu, and vice-versa, the game goes from windowed to full screen. When I go into the options, it says it's still windowed, but it clearly isn't. It's incredibly frustrating when I'm trying to stream and I have to fix the damn window every time I start or end a game. The only way I've been able to get it to go back to windowed is to go into the settings, turn on full-screen, then go back to windowed again, but then it's no longer in the right position or the right size, like I'd had it before. Not to mention it's nearly impossible to change the size of the window, and if you misclick, the mouse gets stuck inside the window and you have to either close the game or alt-tab to get the mouse back out. Overall, this glitch is incredibly frustrating and is ultimately an absolute pain in my ass. I'm not streaming your game again until you fix this.
  3. When I play in full screen or full screen windowed, my game has a frame stutter when I move the mouse left and right. However, I still have 60 fps and great ping. When I play in windowed mode, it runs smooth but when I try full screen or full screen windowed, the problem persists. This problem started just a month ago and before that my game ran fine. Any solutions?
  4. Description: If a player uses alt tab right after hitting ready (before the pubg logo appeares), the game will only proceed to initiating connection to game server when the player goes back into the game. If it passes the 1 minute warmup mark, the player will get closed off from the game and has to start connecting again. Time: This bug was present in the test server too, and has been happening since then, without being repaired. Trigger: Screen options must be set to full screen in order to occour. Specs: I'm running windows 10 64 bit. Not sure if anything else could be related to this bug apart from this. In addition: Some might think it's not a big deal but the UI loading time and the logos at the start of the game (which load after EVERY single game), also the 1 min warmup, take away enough time from me as it is. I do not wish to be made keeping looking at the game's logo in front of a black background every time I join the server for several seconds. I have also met about mechanisms agains people going afk are being better for the game. To that, I can only say, the sound of an airplane's engine is a distinguishable enough sound effect to wake you up and alt tab again back into the game. If possible I would like to get confirmation that this is not a feature but a bug. Thanks.
  5. Hello devs, Here's my bug report. Bug: When the Windows Taskbar is at the left or right of the screen, the game window, when at Windowed Fullscreen, is pushed to the side and not placed at the center of the screen. Also with the taskbar this way, when at Fullscreen, the buttons are visually in the right place, but when trying to click them it appears they are a bit moved to the sides too.
  6. Suddenly, after 120+ hours of near perfect play, I performed today's update, put down PUBG for just a few hours, changed literally NOTHING on my PC, and when I started it back up, my taskbar and start menu were there, on top of the game. No matter what resolution I try, now matter what window mode I try, they will not disappear. This is a completely new issue for me, and I have not yet been able to figure out a way to make the taskbar be overridden by the game since the issue began earlier. I see that other people have had this issue as well. Has anyone found a solution for it yet?
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