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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. The 4x scope on the VSS dosent have the same sensitivity settings as the 4x ACOG. The scope on the VSS will have the same sensitivity settings as the 2x scope. This makes it difficult make fine adjustments when using the VSS at range.
  2. Quando comecei a jogar achava a vss ruim mas depois de ir jogando e ver o tanto de potencial que ela tem fico procurando ela e ja faz um tempo que não encontro essa arma queria saber se houve uma diminuicão dos drops dela pelo mapa , pois agora que vi o potencial que ela pode ter entre as trocas fico agoniado de não ta achando ela mais ! Dcz King
  3. Description: So idk if you guys are aware of this but everytime when I zoom in with a VSS in FPP, my arm(at least I think it is my arm) blocks the bottom left corner of my scope, hindering my vision alot. Hope this can get fixed Date seen: Always, as of latest patch. Server: Normal EU Server. Troubleshooting attempted: I tried tweaking the settings a bit but didn't work. Specs: Operating System: Win10 64Bit Graphics Card: GTX 1070 (asus strix O8GB) CPU: i7 6700k Ram: 16GB (hyperx)
  4. Basically as the title says, I was hiding in some yellow grass or barley or whatever it is, and I hear some shooting to my right. I pull out the VSS and scope in, and my screen turned brown and sort of wavy. I figured it was the grass blocking my scope at first, so I scooted left and zoomed back in. Brown wavy block showed up on my screen again, covering nearly the whole thing. I repeated this several times thinking the grass was blocking me over and over, when all of a sudden some shooting happens to my left. My friend who was spectating me said something akin to "holy shit he got rekt" and I was like "who did?" because my screen was brown. He told me the guy in the middle of my scope got shot while I was seeing brown and couldn't see the enemy whatsoever. This lead me to believe that only I was seeing the brown, which makes me think it's some sort of glitch. Is foliage rendering client-side? I play on very low settings for higher fps so I expected if anything I would be seeing equal or LESS foliage than him, but apparently there was a big brown square covering my screen repeatedly that nobody else could see through spectating? Is this an issue on my end, like some sort of hardware issue or something? Or was this a glitch on the game's end?
  5. When scoped with VSS i see, maybe my own shoulder, which when moving can even go in the middle of the scope. VSS was fully upgraded with cheek pad and extended mag. Cloting was a yellow jakcet.
  6. When using an ultrawide monitor (mine specifically is 3840x1600 resolution) using the scope of the VSS while prone is impossible. If I had to venture a guess, I think the camera position for the VSS scope is too far back and the head/coat is clipping past the camera position. It basically makes it impossible to use the scope while prone, crouching is fine, and standing is fine.
  7. Bug Description: When ghillie suit is equiped with VSS (possibly other scope weapons affected, I haven't tried), it obstructs view while prone. Date Seen: 09/08/2017 Server: Not a test server, but FPS mode. Troubleshooting Attempted: It is definetely not grass... There is no issue when standing or crouching, if you aim quickly to the side then you can see properly for short time, until this part of the suit 'settles' back slowly. Other Information: I am shit, so I can't test it more... Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? No. If so, which ones are you using?. System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: GF 660Ti CPU: QX9650 Ram: 8GB
  8. https://image.prntscr.com/image/OvadFuY1SwyjXzeJ7Dxrwg.png
  9. While being prone and Aiming Down Sight with a VSS and while wearing a coat (in this case I was wearing a grey one) the scope gets covered up and you are unable to see down sight. The one picture that you can see down sight is WITHOUT the coat equipped, the other picture you cant really see anything, is WITH the coat equipped. Finally the last two pictures are my current graphic settings in case that has anything to do with the covered up sight. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. VSS scope goes black for 1 or 2 seconds when going prone with this load out.
  11. Вчера после апдейта до 2,3,28 заметил такую вещь - при прицеливании с VSS на зону в затемненных местах прицела ее почему-то видно. Не думаю, что это норма
  12. MajorMax

    VVS Scope Bug

    Hello everyone! I found a VSS last game (finally!), but encountered a bug. Any time I go into sniper mode(Aim with the scope, I mean), all the screen goes brown with some black lines and textures, and only after one second I actually see the scope. I scoped in many times, and the bug kept on occurring. Unfortunately, i did not have the opportunity to take screenshots, so I can only give an explanation. Thank you! MajorMax
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