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Found 5 results

  1. So, EVERY time I join a map I got marshmallow building. Searching for a solution it's pretty much unanimous the answer: buy more ram, buy a SSD. But I think the problem may be linked with VRAM. Can anyone clear that for me? My SPECS: GTX 960 SC 2GB; 8 GB RAM 1333Mhz; i7 2600k; HD 1TB 32mb cache 7200 rpm;
  2. Date Seen: Every time i open the inventory Server: Live server Error Message: No errors. Other Information: I get perfectly playable framerates when i do anything but open my inventory, other than houses taking a long time to render this is pretty much the only game breaking bug for me. Troubleshooting Attempted: -Turned every graphical setting to the lowest possible. -Attempted to spam the tab key in order to see if it'd fix the inventory lag issue Launch Options: -Attempted to run this game in DirectX10 mode (via the -d3d10 command in launch settings) -Tried the "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES" command in launch settings -Tried the malloc=system launch command in launch settings -Tried the -sm4 command in launch settings System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: GTX 750ti 2GB (Factory overclocked) CPU: AMD FX-6300 (Not overclocked) Ram: 8GB DDR3 (Couldin't find exact model name of ram sticks) Video (extra):
  3. Boop_

    Vram issue

    so i changed my vram cause a YouTube Video told me if i change vram i should expect more fps but nope not the case here now i cant barely play it cause windows wants to say YOUR COMPUTER IS LOW ON MEMORY but its not really 44% of my memory is being used i have 8 gigs of ram so it shouldnt be saying YOUR COMPUTER IS LOW ON MEMORY windows i didnt get a picture so i cant show it...
  4. Bom dia, o bg está precisando de muita vram? ou apenas 2gb de vram já á o necessário para rodar o game a seus 60fps - 70fps? Comprei uma Placa de Vídeo VGA NVIDIA GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1050 OC 2G Será que vai suportar o game de boa?
  5. I've got myself a GTX 1060 ROG Strix OC 6gb Vram yesterday, because i played with a GTX 770 twin frozr with 2gb which couldn't handle the game in some situations not very well. PC: I7 3770K 4core 3.4Ghz 12GB DDR3 Ram 2 SSD's with 300 GB 1 HDD with 3TB and the GTX 1060 ROG STRIX The thing is, i have to turn up video settings ingame otherwise the game will load everything on my cpu, but even when i put everything on ultra except shadows i only get around 60 - 80 fps in forest areas with low building density, i towns i dip under the 20. My cpu usage is nearly 45 - 50% all the time on all cores. My GPU VRAM usage unfortunately is stuck at 30% max and jumps between 20 to 30%. My question is what could cause the game to not use my available VRAM, the game even ran better with my gtx770 earlier, because 80 fps now with the gtx 1060 feel like 40 - 50 when 60 - 80 on the gtx770 felt like 100 - 120.
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