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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Devs I don't know if this bug was previously reported by some one else. The bug appears when you are in te start screen of the game and i think it also happens in the loading of a mach And i don't know if some else can replicate it, but basically is that, with your keyboard, if you hold the TAB key the UI flickers or moves to the left and then after a few mili-seconds y returns to normal. If you hold it without release, the bug will repeat until you unpress the TAB key on the keyboard. if you do this and then quickly unpress the TAB key at the same time it moves to the left, i will stay like that. To return it to normal you just need to press TAB again. I don't think its crucial but hope this report help others and the devs. PS: Sorry for the bad English if you need some help don't hesitate to reply or send me a message and i will try to respond ASAP.
  2. This game keeps me on disappointed after disappointment, with the money you already gathered the budget you have now and results are bad and thats what we get in return. 2/5 matches the graphics in game turns white-green and If I restart the game it wont ask me reconnect back in game. I did updated my nvidia driver and I expected to be better not worse that before! Dear Developers are you even serious? Seriously hired low developers for a high demanding game. Second thing I wondered why you created a new map when you should focus only fixing things with the game itself to be stable then do the maps. The game really has a bad management on prioritizing thing. If this wont fixed, I want refound I cant play like this.
  3. A few days ago, one of my squadmates crashed out while he was resurrecting a friend and this happened. We were able to replicate the bug and found out that it only goes away on another crash/ game leave or death. It persists through scoping, turning, jumping, vaulting (on the test severs), running, proning, and several other states. This bug also moves the hitbox to the crouched position, possibly allowing the bugged player to stand or lean and shoot without being able to be seen or shot in return. Love your game and have a great day! -Poprop
  4. I was playing a game and was in the small trough/tunnel connection area and when I ADS'ed in certain locations(mostly close to the edges) I got this bug. https://gyazo.com/7c31d7c844130073bfec9d6f444b58a5 The gif is of the bug itself. Apologies if the gif isn't in the correct format but gyazo is a trusted site.
  5. Description: So idk if you guys are aware of this but everytime when I zoom in with a VSS in FPP, my arm(at least I think it is my arm) blocks the bottom left corner of my scope, hindering my vision alot. Hope this can get fixed Date seen: Always, as of latest patch. Server: Normal EU Server. Troubleshooting attempted: I tried tweaking the settings a bit but didn't work. Specs: Operating System: Win10 64Bit Graphics Card: GTX 1070 (asus strix O8GB) CPU: i7 6700k Ram: 16GB (hyperx)
  6. Currently if you stand on the railing in the backroom of the gym in School you can watch through the roof, onto the roof and see people/items. You can also look around and see towards Rozhok. Ibiza found this while streaming: https://clips.twitch.tv/SingleSecretiveDuckTheThing Good luck!
  7. Some times when playing the game when the doors are opened they play their animation and audio file but the collision mesh remains behind causing you to need to hit your key to reopen the door twice as the first time it closes then you can open it. this gives the opportunity for anyone hiding in the house to know when someone will be entering and get set up for an ambush. It also makes whoever is trying to open the door stand out in the open the entire time this is happening.
  8. me and my friend were playing and this happened...
  9. dont really know how to explain what happened so i got it clipped. https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianChillyLeopardOSfrog
  10. I am not able to see my teammate's location indicator in either the pulled up map or the mini map while spectating https://clips.twitch.tv/SpookyHeartlessArmadilloDerp
  11. This is in response to this topic which has already been archived. Cool. Here's the mockups I said I would make. Keep in mind, these ARE photoshop mockups, but I tried with the best of my ability to recreate the visual bug that I witnessed, and this is pretty much exactly how it looked. Normal grenade arc indicator as you know: Bugged grenade indicator appearance (doesn't change with posture, movement, aiming):
  12. I shot a player 3x with a sks in ~7 sec he didn't die. then he one shot me (head-shot) with a m416 when i was wearing a lvl2 helmet. Is this a dmg or visual bug?
  13. Date Seen:7/17/2017 Server: Live Server Error Message: None Other Information: This only appears to have happened once. It was while I was looting a recently killed enemy. Troubleshooting Attempted: None as of yet. Launch Options: Zero Modifications System Specifications: Operating System:Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: i7 4790k 4.0ghz Ram: 16gigs
  14. The grenade arc graphic is typically wrong to begin with, but I just had a game where the arc never appeared. It was just a big red blotch on my character's body no matter where I aimed or stood.
  15. I noticed these strange shadows/shapes while playing earlier. All my graphics settings are on Ultra, but shadows are on Low. I was also in first person, don't know if it happens in 3rd person. Hardware: i5 4690k - 4.5 Ghz R9 290 - 4 GB 16 GB DDR3
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