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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I have posted a link to a short video I have edited with several clips showcasing what I believe are problems I have encountered with shots not registering correctly and/or a connection type issue. I never see this type of stuff happen for other people so I don't know what is going on. These videos have been saved over just a couple months. It seems like this kind of stuff happens to me a lot, but these clips are the most obvious to me that something is wrong. If anyone can point something out that I'm missing or has a way to fix it I would really appreciate it as every time I play I feel like I have a huge disadvantage. If you believe it's personal error in one of the clips let me know what's and wrong and what I need to do differently! There is a short black screen after video #1 as I deleted a clip and forgot to fill it.The clips are regular speed followed by slow motion. Each clip is also numbered, if you can leave the # of the video in your comment so I know what you are talking about. Some of the clips are moving pretty quick even in slow motion so you might have to re-watch them a few times. I will leave a list below with what I think the issue is in each clip! Video Clips Here! Clip #1 - Head shot not registering. Clip #2 - Head shot not registering. (Even though the other player slightly moved when I fired, it looks like the bullet almost passes through the right side of head?) Clip #3 - Head shot not registering. 2nd Bullet possibly going through his head? Clip #4 - A few consistent shots not registering. (I noticed I shot the pan on his back twice, I moved the reticle up to his back right after and got 1 out of 2 hits, I also believe I should have got the second hit as he is running down the hill.) Clip #5 - Possible Dsync issue, if you watch close I fire my second round before he fires the kill shot. Clip #6 - Multiple hits not registering Clip #7 - Hit registration mostly on his feet, (the guy I'm firing at also suddenly disappears around the time 2:08) Clip #8 - Hit registration, this one is more debatable to my own error Clip#9 - Hit registration, other player lagging around Clip#10 - Hits clearly not registering Clip#11 - Body shots and clear head shots not registering Clip#12 - Mostly the shots with the vector not registering on this one, again another debatable one Let me know what you guys think, I am open to anything! Also let me know if I am missing any important info to help, Thanks! Troubleshooting so far: Updated to latest Nvidia drivers, all other drivers up to date, Game files validated, latest version of windows 10 Computer specs: Intel Core i5 3.4GHz, Nvidia GTX 970 (not overclocked), Crucial 500GB SSD, 8GB Rip Jaws Ram, Windows 64 bit.
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