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Found 8 results

  1. This glitch happened to me when looking directly upwards when skydiving. Notice the compass and mini-map. Pls fix Video of the glitch here
  2. Hi, I and my friends were playing squads and I was the only one living.On my screen, I was holding an AK but on his screen, I was holding this sick new gun (looks fricking cool though): He was the only one who saw the AK like this all the other teammates saw the AK normally. I hope this can be resolved quickly...
  3. At random the game makes it where I have to drop and pick up items by only typing the number in the item amount box, and I can't just simply drag in and out of my inventory. Also at random times I can only use meds and boosters by using the keybinds only. If I right click on meds or boosters it only allows me to drop them not use them. Thank you, Godigy
  4. Hi, I have the following problem: I'm starting pubg as usual and I can start a game normally. I have no problems on the loading island, as well as when I'm jumping out of the plane. BUT as soon as I land I can't move my mouse up or down. I can look to the right and left thou. My character looks up and down when I move the mouse out or down, but the HUD-point in the middel is always at the same horizontal line. Please help me with this problem... the game is not playable like that Thank you for your help, Aeon
  5. i paid for 8 survivor crates and they dropped nothing from them and i have no loot
  6. I had this bug (not sure?) yesterday where I wasn't able to view up and down in third person mode. I was only able to view correctly in first person. I could also move the camera through walls in third person, you can see it very briefly on the clip posted below (very briefly at 0:02 and 0:04 second, looking through the wall corner) - I can upload a proper clip with that if needed asap. How it happend: I'm not sure, but I was tabbed out of the game and tabbed in as soon as we we're in the plane, I was able to parachute normally but when I landed the bug occurred. Heres a clip of the incident: https://i.giphy.com/hUHpOb5sCBJfO.mp4
  7. Simple question, why the hell do my settings keep getting reset every single time that I launch the game? It's very frustrating to have to go through and re-apply all my settings and keybindings EVERY TIME I LAUNCH THE DAMN GAME!!
  8. I had an odd experience happen that might be a bug that restricts the reloading of guns and the switching of guns with the number keys. It happened in a Squad match today but luckily I was streaming - Warning, Strong language! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/130702672?t=50m8s Actions Performed 1) AKM in primary slot 2) Pick up 9mm ammo 3) Pick up more 9mm ammo 4) Double click on UMP (on the ground) replacing the AKM 5) (Unsure of method) Equiped AKM from ground again replacing UMP AKM now has 0 bullets In the video you will also note that I wanted to get the QuickDraw Mag (SMG) off of my Micro UZI so I did a gun swap there too. None of the number keys worked afterward too. I could only switch guns with mouse-wheel. In the video you can see some of the things we tried. 1) Dropping the guns and picking them back up. 2) Having a teammate pick up a dropped gun and reload it, then drop it back, and me pick it back up. It did somehow correct itself, but I have no idea how. Can someone see if they can replicate this? Thanks, Cmndo
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