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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Recently I heard about some bug, that allows people to fall underground into 'water' and stay there till the end of the game, but never seen this in game myself...till this moment - there were 3 people in our squad left and one person on the map...last circle left and there was nobody around! We won the last second before we were dead because of the barrier. Gameplay is broken. This happens rarely, but turns out that it's possible.
  2. s playing and driving a bike with my friend and we met network lag. After 5 seconds later, the network was back, and both of us drove into underground, and which is actually the sea. We cannot get out of our vehicle, and we finally died by drown. It is really pissing me off and so I screenshot this bug. Please fix it!!!!!!
  3. So I was riding a motorcycle and I had a connection error. The motorcycle vanished and I'm "swimming" under the map.
  4. All, I had some craziness happen to me today. After a longer than usual load time and a blind drop into nowhere, I heard myself hit water. Now... i've dropped enough times to confidently know when I will be hitting land, but as I continued to look at my rotating load screen I heard myself swimming. After about 2 more minutes, my image finally loaded and to my surprise, I WAS UNDER GROUND!!! See Screenshot. Wanted to report this because we don't need people stealing chicken dinners over and over. It would probably be helpful to may the circle truly spherical as opposed to cylindrical to alleviate this problem. Not sure if eliminating water or guaranteeing death is feasible since water is an intended feature of the team, but that would be a sure fire fix.
  5. Hi! While I was playing PUBG I saw a player (or atleast a model of a player) sitting in a UAZ glitched underground. When I hovered over the UAZ and it said the following: "(Unknown vehicle for detecting information) UAZ". I also attached two pictures showing what I described.
  6. Nearly won the game because i swam underground and no-one could see me. It happend when i entered the underground military base and there was no textures, it led to be swimming the whole game and nearly won because of it.
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