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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. I was recently playing (last night) the new map on the test server. I had level 3 helmet, level 2 vest, full health, and zero damage to my armor/helm. I was traveling down the road in a bronco truck at max speed and I was killed via one shot by a guy cheating with an UMP. When I watched the kill cam, this was verified, the hacker walked to the road, aim snapped on my head already 200m in front of him, and he fired a single shot to my head killing me instantly. The game told me I was killed by a UMP head shot. So either: 1) the hacking ignores the level 3 helmet collision with the bullet, or, 2) it gives the hacker insane amounts of bullet damage letting it kill the level 3 helmet in one shot, or, 3) there is something associated with 9mm bullets that allows them to ignore level 3 helmets, or, 4) there is something about the UMP, where it has the potential to ignore the level 3 helmet.
  2. I was full health with level 2 armor and level 2 helmet and was 2 shot by the ump, once in the head and once in the chest. I've had this exact fight kill me on multiple instances. I feel as if the ump is ignoring armor or helmets. Is there anyway to confirm this. Don't want to sound like I'm butt hurt about it but it does get annoying when an smg beats an ar at 50+ metres.
  3. For some reason randomly these SMG's for me don't shoot at the firerate selected, yesterday I had a UMP on full auto, that shot in bursts, Vektor on full auto, that shot on single fire, and today I had a UZI on full auto, that shot in single fire, I checked which fire rate I selected and it were these ones that I mentioned, so far it happened only with SMG's
  4. Whenever I have my ump out i cannot use items or revive my teammates. thought i can do other actions such as picking things up or opening doors. It just gives me a quick animation like I am going to do it but doesn't do it.
  5. Here's the video of me unloading roughly 8-12 bullets into this dude and he doesn't die... Just a video to see if the hit detection is ok because this dude should have died. I would have shot myself and finished myself off had I been shot that many times in my junk.
  6. This Bug is just a small HUD glitch that i found, whenever you have a silencer on your ump and attempt to switch it to your scar-l, it will appear to be compatible, when it wont. This can mislead some players who are trying to silence their scar-l
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