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Found 11 results

  1. Не верно отображается спидометр на уазе. Показывается в MPH, а должно в KPH, так как устанавливались спидометры не в милях, а в километрах.
  2. Столкнулся недавно с багом, который заключается в том, что колеса Уазика не крутятся, они просто статичны. Видео
  3. I was driving a UAZ with a passenger in the vehicle. I was holding down the horn when I was downed by an enemy team member. My teammate riding with me pressed Ctrl+1 to start driving. He exited the vehicle later on and heard the horn continually sounding with no one in the car. No one else on my team could hear the horn except for him.
  4. So i'm here to share my 2 cents to this game. I'm not sure if this has been reported, I checked the reported section and I think it is a very unique bug, cause you don't really get on the location I have been without applying some tricks. --- Bug Description: Stuck on top of a UAZ after jumping on top of it (from a window). Good notice might also be, covered UAZ act like uncovered UAZ (double bug?) See added picture please. I've been able to test this several times by crouch-jumping on top of the UAZ vehicle and it happend again. First of you will fall through the roof of a covered UAZ. On the front side (Driver) you'll float. On the back I was able to jump out just fine. Seems like the bug itself is a UAZ you can fall through, but the floating will persist in an uncovered UAZ, this is why I mention both. Oh and yes the obvious "Press F" option, didn't work at this time. Date Seen: August 1st 2017 Server: Main or Live server. - I only tried getting out which was very frustrating (crouch + jump + prone + jump + etc.). It eventually worked though. Other Information: Created this forum account for this bug . I believe one will not experience this so much. Low priority. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Attached in pictures (the onboard Intel set was on Display 1, but I use the external card so I added another picture from dxdiag)
  5. Hi! While I was playing PUBG I saw a player (or atleast a model of a player) sitting in a UAZ glitched underground. When I hovered over the UAZ and it said the following: "(Unknown vehicle for detecting information) UAZ". I also attached two pictures showing what I described.
  6. So I went on the top of an UAZ and game started to lag/stutter it only happen on top of the car. Haven't tried other cars.
  7. Description: My teammate @Nomadand I saw an enemy as we were driving, we stopped, and as I was jumping out, it started rolling, it said I was downed by roadkill by my teammate who was not in the car and had gotten out like 5 seconds prior. After that, I was stuck in the back of the open topped UAZ and could not be revived, or get out to the vehicle. Bled out in the back. Seen:06/03/2017 20:30 Server: 2.3.30 666AEF Troubleshooting attempted: Tried to get revived by teammate. Tried slowly moving the vehicle. Other info: Experienced in open topped UAZ. Launch Options: None.
  8. In a match of Duo just today, in Asia servers, my partner and I were chasing down another pair in a vehicle chase. I was in a UAZ which was undoubtedly larger than the Buggy. During the chase, the buddy had popped a tire, thus allowing me to catch up to it. But here's what happened. When my UAZ had come into contact with the Buggy, there was some sort of glitch/bug that make my vehicle stuck, spazzing around connected to the opponent's buggy. Moments after my partner left the vehicle for a new one, both vehicles had flown up in the air. The enemy driver was killed upon landing on it's top. I however, flew up in the sky for a good 10-12 seconds before landing perfectly on my wheels. It looked like it was caused when my UAZ had drove over the moving Buggy.
  9. jayhpatel

    Flying UAZ

    Just happened. Around 2:15am EST. I was duoing with my friend. He had died but I lived. I found a UAZ and started driving to get inside the circle. Once I got near there were 2 opponents killed 1 who I was able to locate, the other I couldnt find, since circle was closing again, I decided to just get in the UAZ and drive away, while going to UAZ I hear the 2nd opponent who is still alive get in his bike and start riding. I get in my UAZ and go to the direction where the sound is coming from. The opponent located available UAZ and decided to ditch the bike and got in the UAZ. By now I had caught up and he has just started to accelerate his UAZ and since it was 1v1, there was no one to shot him so I decided to rear end him just for fun, i was able to rear end for like almost a second and half and suddenly it catapulted my UAZ into the sky sending me flying as high as 100 ft and traveled like 200-300 ft to the side and I took a lot of damage and the UAZ hit the ground with me in it and just went boom after .5 second. Ending my game. TL;DR So you can make UAZ fly really high if you can rear end another UAZ that is moving I guess. But you will die doing this.
  10. Greetings, We were playing in a group just a moment ago, and we side swiped a Motorcycle with a UAZ. The motorcycle stayed straight up, while our UAZ did 2 flipping barrel rolls and landed on it's roof.. Knocking 1 of us out and allowing the Motorcycle team to completely wipe us out with no effort. What the crap did they do to the Motorcycle to make it buffer than a UAZ? We tried to ram it from the side, which made US do a double flip? Nice..
  11. I was driving with a level 3 helmet on and i was headshoted by a guy with a kar98 and I was downed but i was stuck driving the car and couldnt be revived. I was above the tunnels to the east of the school. FeelsBadMan
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